How to choose gifts for our loved ones?

Christmas is just around a corner! When you start thinking about it, we get a little nervous. At the beginning of December there are many things to do! It would not be bad idea to make a list of priorities.

On the first place of yours TO DO list should be : purchase gifts for your loved ones! Other things on your pre-Christmas TO DO  list are things  that always stay the same throughout the years: the mandatory visit to colourful Christmas markets, lush Christmas tree, for our little ones advent calendar with 24 little windows, Christmas decoration for your home, best Christmas cookies, preparing for a Christmas dinner and finding your kids Christmas wish list .

Let’s get back to the most important Christmas task – selecting and buying gifts for family members and closest friends.

Choosing gifts for your loved ones is a task that is the most difficult one. Each one of us would agree on this. Whether we decide to look for the gifts in departments store or the internet, the choice of gifts it is sometimes overwhelming. Close members of our family we know the best, so choosing a gift for them is not a particular problem.

Mothers – and I am one of them – spend the most time choosing gifts for their children. Among the mothers there are also those who are very creative. They do not buy gifts for their children but they craft gifts themselves. You can make family Christmas gifts together with your kids. On the internet, you can find great ideas and tips for easy and cost-effective Christmas gifts.

My daughter will be happy to receive for a gift any products from the Santoro Gorjuss collection, whether it’s a mug, a message block, a notebook, stickers, a keychain, or a set of glittering pens. For my son would be any kind of football memorabilia.

Gifts for our kids should be stored in a hidden place in our house so they can’t find them before Christmas. Next on our list of gifts are gifts for adults. It is a great responsibility to choose gifts for our partner, father or a close friend who regularly come to a Christmas dinner.

Next on my lists are partners mum/ my parents, sister, brother, brother-in-law, cousin and a few close friends.

For your mother or mother-in-law, I would recommend a nice treatment at Wellness Centre. Nice bottle of wine would be great present to older male members of the family.

For teenage members of family, a gift card from high street shop such as H and M or Mango would be ideal. Boys are more enthusiastic about electronics or gadgets. Maybe this year we could surprise our husbands or partner with perfume or pyjama.

Perhaps this year you can surprise your loved ones with a gift, cake that you have made on your own.

Once you purchase all the gifts next step is to nicely wrap them. Try to be as creative as you can with wrapping gifts. Gift paper, decorative strips, cards printed with names filled with beautiful wishes – would make that special touch to any gift. Once you have wrapped your gifts place them under a Christmas tree.

We wish you enjoyable and happy Christmas!

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