Home office: How to create a healthy workspace?

Working from home is not a new concept, but it is experiencing an upswing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only the pandemic, but also business digitization has changed the world of work in such a way that many employees shifted to working from home in recent years.

The perfect work model: home office

For many employees, home office sounds like an interesting idea. Working from home no longer means long commutes, annoying search for a free parking space, setting the alarm clock to go off later and simply sleeping longer. As a result, you can start your working day much more relaxed.
Working whenever and wherever you want sounds tempting. Homeworkers can adapt their working hours to their personal biorhythm. Some of us are most productive late in the evening, while others prefer to work early in the morning. Flexibility is a big advantage of home office jobs.
Home office offers a perfect basis for a good work-life balance. This work model makes it possible to spend more time with your family. In the comfort of your home you can work less stressed and undisturbed. It’s usually a quiet work environment, with no chatty colleagues or constant phone ringing.
Working from home is very beneficial for some employees, but this model does not suit everyone.

Challenges of working from home

Working from home has certain disadvantages. Although it sounds like a dream come true for most people, the reality is usually different. It must be pointed out that working from home is not possible for everyone to the same extent. People who have small children have to make an effort to fully focus  on their work. A quiet work environment is important for everyone.
Organizing daily work at home can be quite challenging. This work model requires focus, discipline, and clear boundaries. Since the boundaries between work and everyday life are often blurred, it is important to switch off and unwind after work. If you organize your day well and develop a routine, everything works easier. In these circumstances, good time management is a must.
What is missing most in the home office is social interaction. Employees have no contact with their colleagues and are socially isolated. Such work circumstances can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection. Everyday chit-chat among colleagues and the common breaks cannot be replaced by constant email interaction .

Tips to help you create a productive and healthy home office

Ergonomic workplace

Many people who work from home spend most of their working hours sitting either on the sofa or at a desk. Don’t you often find yourself sending a few more work emails late at night while in bed? No wonder why many home workers complain about back and neck pain.
A comfortable chair is one of the most important prerequisites that can give a proper support to your back during the day. If our home office desk chair is not comfy enough you should attach a lumbar back support to it in order to create optimal working conditions. A healthy sitting posture is extremely important and depends almost entirely on the ergonomics of your chair. You should consciously pay attention to your posture when sitting. This means that the back should rest against the backrest of the chair. You should sit as upright as possible and use the entire seat. If we sit upright for 8 hours a day, we can increase our productivity and promote our overall well-being.

Active breaks

Anyone who spends hours sitting should take a break now and then because our bodies are programmed to move. Luckily, this can be done at home. There are many exercises you can do in your home office. It doesn’t matter whether these involve stretching or back exercises, it’s important that you move. Furthermore, when working from home, we have more freedom. We can go for a walk in the park or go to the gym during working hours because we can choose where and when we want to work. Exercise stimulates circulation and activates blood flow, which improves the brain’s oxygen saturation. This has proven to increase employees’ motivation and productivity.


Almost everyone has experienced back pain. Most of us have heard about pain in the lower back, or in the shoulder and neck area. The improvised workplace at home has contributed to this even more.The most common mistake homeworkers make is sitting on a dining chair. This can cause serious health problems in the neck and shoulder area.
A regular massage might improve mental and physical well-being. It is a well-known fact that employees who feel good are more motivated and perform better. That’s why it makes sense to treat yourself to a self-massage during the working day. It can relax your entire body and help relieve stress and strain almost instantly. To ease the pain and reduce muscle tension, an electric neck massager is a perfect solution. No matter what type of work you do, a daily massage can increase productivity and enhance your overall home office experience.

The future of home office

Globalization, digitization and changing living conditions require more flexible work models.
The corona virus pandemic has fundamentally changed the attitude of employers and employees towards working from home. A growing number of companies are switching to remore work. Before the pandemic, this was hardly conceivable. Large corporations even want to offer their employees home office as a standard work scheme. In the future we can expect a hybrid model, which involves a combination in-house and remote work.




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