Hormones are chemical substances that take part in regulation of vital functions in our organism – hunger, reproduction, behaviour and emotions. Hormonal imbalance might lead to physical and health problems. We tend to think that our perception of happiness is rather subjective. However, many factors have an influence on our behaviour. Serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphin are the hormones responsible for happiness, pain relief, mental processes and our general well-being.

Here are some useful advice concerning this topic.


Not only does a healthy and balanced diet affect our physical appearance, but it has numerous benefits on our mood, emotional reactions and behaviour as well.

Food rich in vitamins and minerals contributes to the proper functioning of our digestive system, which is closely related to the general condition of our organism. For example, avocado, mango, blueberries, figs are rich in antioxidants, thus, preventing and releasing stress.

Moreover, green foods, like vegetables, might calm us down, while yellow food, such as bananas and cashew can put a smile on our face. Chicken, red meat, chocolate and peanuts are high in tryptophan, an amino acid that increases serotonin, the mood-stabilizer.



Regular physical activity and exercise always go hand in hand with good health. You should choose the sport you enjoy doing without any excess physical effort.

Endorphins released during exercises can boost our mood and decrease the amount of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone.

Sport has a positive effect on our body and mind. No matter whether you prefer individual or team sport benefits of regular physical activity are countless.

Therefore, this is a great reason to make a change in your routine and improve your fitness.




Sleeping is crucial for different aspects of brain functions, including cognition, concentration, productivity and mood.

Getting quality sleep is vital for our overall health. Acute sleep deprivation can increase negative moods, like irritability and frustration.

Moreover, it can cause mood swings, strong emotional reactions and affect our ability to make good judgements.

Sleep is not only a physiological need, like thirst and hunger, but also a natural remedy, which may help in healing and disease prevention.



If you aren’t a sport lover, choose your favourite park or a place by the river and go for a stroll. Walk and exercise might naturally boost tryptophan and serotonin, the happy hormone.

Doing outdoor sport may reduce stress and anxiety, have a positive impact on our cardio-vascular system, affect sleep quality, improve cognitive functions.

Spending time in nature supplies our cells with oxygen, which can upgrade our sport performance.





We all get caught up in a fast pace of everyday life, so massage can be a practical and effective solution that brings back physical and mental harmony at the right time. Regular massage should be relaxing and stimulating so that it can naturally remove toxins from our body. Massage is known to release hormones that are present in our body, such as endorphin, which contributes to further relaxation. Several studies have shown that massage is highly beneficial in releasing sore and tense muscles and increasing blood flow.


Don’t forget that happiness is an attitude that we have while we struggle to overcome challenges on our way to success. Take advantage of good weather in good company, master a new language or skill, enrich your life with travel or an interesting book. The beauty of life reflects in the fact that we always have a choice to make our lives better and make the most of it.


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