Fibromyalgia – Chronic disease you can cope with

Fibromyalgia has become one of the common chronic diseases nowadays. As the name itself suggests this disease is related to fibers, and people suffering from it most commonly feel the pain in the muscles. Hopefully this blog will suggest some tips and advice how to cope with Fibro and it will brighten your day when you read it.

The causes of fibromyalgia are still unknown and they can be influenced by numerous factors, like physical or emotional stress or traumatic events.

Some of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia are pain, aches, fatigue, stiffness, tiredness and sleeping difficulties. Many people suffering from this disease sometimes feel tired and exhausted when they have to do simple things like lifting your hand or just lying down. There are good days and bad days, sometimes the symptoms are not showing and sometimes unfortunately they attack in all of its glory.

Furthermore, fibromyalgia is one of the diseases which is difficult to diagnose. This can be due to the fact that main symptoms of fibromyalgia, pain and fatigue, often overlap with the symptoms of other conditions.

Some people suffering from fibromyalgia are fed up with the pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia, and the fact their condition can not be changed. But there are good news. You can learn to live with this disease and find the ways to better manage the symptoms.

Firstly, do what makes you happy, try this every day. Make a list of things you would like to do today and really do them. Every person is unique and has different, habits, rituals and preferences. If for example writing helps, keep a journal, write a book or a blog. Plan a trip and enjoy in travelling. Whatever works for you.

Here are some tips for coping with fibromyalgia on a daily basis:

1) De-Stress – Massage, meditation, yoga or whatever releases the tension in the muscles.

2) Exercise regularly – exercises in warm water are great for fibromyalgia, so visit spa center or swimming pool from time to time.

3) Do some relaxing soaking – soaking in warm bath can relax tense muscles and help you move more easily.

4) Avoid drinking coffee – for better sleep at night and stress reduction.

5) Ask for help – talk about it with your family, friends or a counselor.

6) Join a support group – for emotional support, exchange of tips for coping with the disease.

Pamper yourself with massage every day if you can. There are many researches that show that Shiatsu massage can relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia. One of the studies shows that frequent sessions of Shiatsu massage provide significant improvements in lowering the pain intensity, pressure pain threshold and sleep quality.

Minimize and avoid stress in your life. Stress is the root cause of many health problems. Many people see massage therapy as a genuine means of treating different illnesses and conditions and relieving from stress. Pleasant Shiatsu massage with our Donnerberg Neck massager can help you in relieving the pains and aches in the muscles as well as reducing the stress, improving blood circulation and simply relaxing.

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