And the winner is…


“Renowned German Association for Consumer Studies, DtGV, offers support to consumers by providing reliable and valuable feedback which identify the best products. DtGV conducts comparative tests based on unbiased criteria developed with the help of experts – DtGV does not work on behalf of any provider!”

Results from the recent comparative test conducted on June 19th 2019 show following data regarding the neck massager category:

Who is the overall winner?

Donnerberg!!! Our Premium neck massager NM-089 !!!

To review the final results of the test “Which massager is the best?”, check the following link:



This test proves what we always knew. We produce the Original neck massagers, thus our job is to provide you only with the best neck massager.

Donnerberg is extremely proud of the test result, especially because Donnerberg is the only manufacturer who has passed the test with the grade “excellent”.


Don’t wait any longer and reward yourself today with the best massager on the market!

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