Donnerberg Massager NM 089 – We continue to inspire

We strive to come up with innovative ideas here at Donnerberg, and then turn those ideas into reality. We present to you Donnerberg NM089 Premium Massager with the improved control panel that comes in a new luxury package.

NEW PACKAGE DESIGN – Simple and modern. Refreshed package design matches the original quality of our product.

Items you receive with the purchase of Donnerberg Original Massager:

1. Donnerberg Massager NM089 – shiatsu massage at the comfort of your own home. Our massager is easy to use and adapts to all body parts. Eight massaging heads provide the sensation of a real hand massage. Infrared heat and vibration are optional components, which make the massage even more pleasurable.
2. Two exchangeable covers – easy to exchange and simple to maintain. Convenient spare cover allows you to enjoy your massager even when the other one is in the washing machine. Both covers are washable at 30°C.
3. Soft cloth cover – put the soft fabric in case you have sensitive skin.
4. Car adapter – if you are often travelling in a car, our massager is portable and represents the ideal solution for pain relief. Note that the massager should be used only when traveling as a passenger, never while driving.
5. Power adapter + UK plug
6. User manual – German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish versions

NEW CONTROL PANEL – Donnerberg Massager NM089 has a new control panel with 5 functions:

1. On / Off

2. Different rotation directions

3. 3 massage speeds

4. Infrared heat

5. Vibration

The improved control panel includes a new ergonomic design with larger buttons. When experiencing neck pain and stiffness, you can use the massager pain-free without turning your head.

Another advantage of our massager is the quality of the massage it provides. Nothing can beat the sensation of a real hand massage at the comfort of your own home, at your office or as a passenger in a car. Although massage is a privilege, our goal is to help you incorporate it as a part of your daily routine.
Find more details in the video below.

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