Detox diet after the holidays – the easy way to regain your perfect weight

Festive season – the time dedicated to family, fun, lazing around. And of course food. Nobody can resist all the delicious dishes and crunchy Christmas biscuits. And why should you? It’s only once a year…

The holidays are over, but you probably could not avoid gaining some extra pounds which is usually associated with low mood, energy loss, indigestion problems and the general feeling of discomfort and lack of well-being. So what’s next? Spring and summer are fast approaching.

We’ve made a selection of a few popular detox diets and tips that might help you on your journey to the perfect summer body.


Mediterranean detox diet

The Mediterranean detox diet involves forming healthy eating habits and is less aimed at weight loss. This diet is considered to be one of the healthiest diets because, in addition to well-balanced meals, the focus is on eating mindfully and slowly.

Those of you who opt for this diet should take time to eat because eating slowly promotes weight loss. When eating too quickly, the natural feeling of satiety often fails, which means that too many calories are consumed.

The menu of this detox diet consists of high-fiber, fresh foods, fruit, vegetables, unsaturated fats such as olive oil, poultry and whole grain products. If you want to lose weight successfully with the help of the Mediterranean diet, you should avoid processed meat and sausages.

Good news is that even one glass of red wine a day is allowed. Since by following the Mediterranean diet meal plan does not mean giving up certain types of food, this diet is particularly attractive for gourmets.

16/8 Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a typical detox diet where you should avoid certain foods. The procedure is quite simple: fasting for 16 hours per day and eating within an eight-hour window.

This diet is quite flexible when it comes to the alteration of eating and fasting periods. You can choose the cycle that best suits you to get the best possible results. However, the 10am to 6pm meal interval is the most common one.

Although there are no food-specific restrictions on intermittent fasting, it is recommended that you eat wholefood and avoid processed meals as much as possible. As far as drinks are concerned, unsweetened tea and coffee are allowed in addition to water.

Since this type of detox diet is forbidden for certain medical conditions, you should consult your doctor first. Each person responds differently to intermittent fasting due to genetics, current health status, medical history, and lifestyle.


Detox Banana Diet

This diet plan first gained tremendous popularity in Japan which then quickly spread to the rest of the world. The idea behind this diet is that breakfast and all snacks are replaced with bananas. It’s important to choose green, unripe bananas because their resistant starches help keep blood sugar levels down, which promotes weight loss.

The meal plan is very simple:

You can eat as many bananas as you want for breakfast. Bananas are making a comeback as a small snack between meals.

For lunch you can eat whatever you want. Of course, as with any diet, it is recommended that you consume low-fat, high-fiber, fresh food and avoid processed food and ready-made meals.

For dinner, you have freedom of choice, as long as you stick to your lunch plan. You should avoid alcohol and water is recommended as a perfect drink for staying hydrated. Unsweetened tea and coffee are also not forbidden, but they should be avoided if it is possible.

The principles of this diet are very simple and this detox diet is easy to follow. But for how long you are ready to eat bananas is another question.


Exercise: an irreplaceable part of every weight loss program


In order to get fit again after the holidays, it is not enough just to stick to your chosen diet and change your eating habits. Regular exercise is a must.

It is well-known that sport and exercise make us healthy and more energetic. However, it is often difficult to set aside 1-2 hours for the gym several times a week. That’s why we often give up before we even start.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is also enough if you only get 15-20 minutes of exercise a day. A short walk in the park or at-home workout are easy to integrate into your everyday routine. Moreover, do not forget about at-home equipment that can ensure optimal workout.

One of them, for example, is a vibration plate. It delivers rapid vibrations throughout the body. As a result, muscle tissue can be better supplied with blood, energy can be burned and fat can be broken down more effectively. In combination with regular training, the stimulation of the deep muscles can be particularly effective. In addition, the vibrations can strengthen the bones and give the skeleton more stability, which can reduce joint problems. Vibrations make muscles contract and relax continuously, which can also strengthen the muscles. A 15-minute workout on a vibration plate can be more effective than spending an hour at the gym. So, there are no more excuses for not exercising.


A change in eating habits in combination with physical exercise can quickly bring about results you were hoping for. Don’t let your holiday weight gain discourage you and start with your transformation right now. With just a little effort by following these tips you can achieve a lot.



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