Create at-home spa following these simple steps

Create wellness and spa at home following these simple and easy steps, which also make an excellent alternative to expensive spa facilities, have never been more affordable and convenient.  

If you want to do something good for your body and mind without leaving your home, follow our recommended steps to make a blissful at-home wellness. Prepare your personal wellness oasis.

Warm water with fragrant oils in a bathtub, foam and masks will make you relaxed and happy.

Due to rapid decrease of free time, many of us experience stress and do not have time for a wellness vacation ( Often, such short trips can also be extremely expensive. But you can make DUY wellness and spa treatments, that are cheap and easy. Invest in scented candles and bath bombs and create your own little spa centre at home.

Our 5 simple steps to create at-home spa:

Fill up your bathtub. Laying in the bathtub may help you relieve stress, tension and bad mood. The warm water will prepare you for a peaceful night of sleep. But beware! – After only 20 minutes, the water deprives the skin of its own moisture, so make sure not to overstay in the bathtub!

Add nourishing bath additives in the water so that your skin does not dry out too much. Not only that this will make the bath good for your skin, but the bath will also smell good. Delicate fragrances affect the limbic system in the brain and benefit your well-being. For example, vanilla flavor releases happiness hormones in the body. If you prefer essential oils, put a few drops in the tub. In this manner, the effect of substances on the skin pores will be even more intense.

• Bath bombs, which add colour to the water are beneficial for your body. The colour in the water should also influence the emotional state: green provides harmony and relaxation, yellow provides warmth, orange energy and blue will vitalise your body like a fresh breeze.

• Use the time in the bathtub for peeling and facial mask. Dead skin cells are easier to remove in the water. When heated, these substances are even more easily absorbed by your skin.

• Depending on the skin type, you can apply a body lotion, body cream or oil after your bath. Oils and moisturizing lotions are ideal for applying and massaging your skin, providing additional relaxing effect. Natural vegetable oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and include moisture – ideal for dry skin!

You are still not relaxed after the feel-good bath?

Treat yourself to a foot massage– With your fingertips, massage the bottom of your feet. Then, with the palm of your hand slightly apply pressure from the heal to toes. At the end, massage each toe separately- this makes a wonderful massage!

Take 15 minutes to enjoy a neck massage – Apply a few drops of aromatic oil to both sides of your neck and massage your neck with small circular movements alongside your hairline. Make sure to properly breathe. With neck massagers you can effortlessly massage your neck, as well as other parts of the body. For deep relaxation, choose a massager with heat.

Turn off your smartphone and computer and enjoy relaxing music. Try to be offline for 24 hours on your spa day. No matter how hard you think you are missing out on something, disconnecting will only be beneficial. If you have more tips on how to turn your home into a wellness paradise, we look forward to hearing from you!

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