Change your habits and life successfully with these 5 steps!

Change your habits and life successfully with these 5 steps! The desire for change is repressed by many due to fear of change. The thought of it and unknown overcomes desire to actually tackle this challenge. Do you know people who would like to change everything?- Different workplace, happier relationship, more exercise, more free time, their attitude, etc. However, despite all the discontent, most individuals do not want to reform their everyday lives because they get accustomed and comfortable with the routine, and then avoid anything new and unfamiliar.

We will show you how to give your life a new direction and how to overcome these obstacles. Warning! This article can change your life. Read it only if you are ready to become happier.

Dissatisfaction is like a domino effect

The more you persist in your dissatisfaction, the more you will get used to it. You may get used to it to the extent that you give up on making any changes, simply because it is easier and more comfortable. At first, it may just be the job that makes you dissatisfied.

Stress and exhaustion every night after work may start to affect your relationships, family relations, hobbies and health. All these aspects of your life may slowly deteriorate. In order for you not to lose control over everything, you should change the areas of your life that make you unhappy.

Why are changes so difficult for you?

Few individuals really care about their lives when they become unhappy. There are two main reasons for this: habit and fear. The habit represents something very comfortable and does not require any effort- you eventually enter the comfort zone. This can be exhausting and one may wonder if the reward could be beneficial and worth it.

Discontent in such state is not enough to make you stop with habits and overcome fears. Only when suffering becomes unbearable physically and psychologically, you really become ready for a change. Discontent only will not put you in action; on the contrary, you will probably fall into lethargy.

It’s up to you to wait for the pain to force your change, or you can follow these steps to change your life NOW!

Five steps towards the change in life

The process is always similar. You may use our advice anytime, whether it is a minor or a major change.

1. Self-awareness is the first step

First of all, you must recognize which areas of life you are dissatisfied with. Try to avoid negative attitude towards work, your colleagues, relationship, or your friends. Be proactive towards your goal; do not wait for others to make changes for you. Take responsibility for yourself and make the initial step towards the change.

2. What to do?

It’s good that you have taken the initial step towards desired change. If you already know what makes you happy and what does not, that should be enough for the beginning. Think about the life that you wish to live, about habits that you want to change, or new profession that you might want to pursue. Set the destination and then do the rest.

3. Different mental motivation

Understand why you want to change your life; don’t just focus on the steps that you have to take to achieve this goal. Find internal motivation. Find incentives which will push you further to reach your goals and achieve the change. You may find mental imagery helpful and useful. For instance, close your eyes and think about the subject you wish to change.

Imagine what will happen if you don’t change anything. What will your life look like in 10 years? Do you feel the pressure as you imagine your life in 10 years? Now, imagine what your life will look like if you started the change now. Imagine intensely, figuratively and emotionally, as the changes were already happening. Do you feel better?

This mental exercise is better if you do it regularly. It only takes a few minutes, but there will be a significantly positive impact on your change process.

4. Small steps – great success

Until this step, you should already know what you want to change and why it is so important to you. Overly ambitious goals, which you want to achieve as soon as possible, can only lead to frustration. Self-doubt and feelings of inferiority will be the ultimate result. The proverb says: “The Power of Patience” for a reason.

Therefore, only consider one area of life that you want to change. Then take a small step towards the goal: divide the big goal into the smallest steps possible, which you may achieve on a daily base. Keep a monthly plan with daily goals. Specify every day what you can do today and tomorrow to get a little closer to your goal. After a month, you can enlarge the steps or try to achieve the second goal.

5. The before-and-after comparison

In the beginning, write down your goals and steps. For instance, “I’m too shy to invite someone out for dinner. I will ask him/her what his/her favourite dish is and then will ask the question ‘’ Write down this goal, and plan the steps that you can take to achieve the goal.

Then, take a look at your notes in a month. Perhaps you have not yet invited the person to dinner, but with asking the question about the favourite dish, you are already a little closer to the date. It’s already an accomplished change that you can be proud of!

Here are the steps briefly summarised:

1. Be aware of aspects of life that make you unsatisfied and what you want to change.

2. Think about the goal you want to achieve.

3. Imagine your life, what it will look like, if you do not change it. Then, imagine how you will feel after the desired change.

4. Change your life gradually.

5. Regularly contrast and compare goals where you have started and what you have accomplished

If you have any tips and suggestions on this topic, share them with us!

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