10 things to look for in a percussion massage gun

The market is packed with a great selection of massage guns, from budget-friendly options to the top-tier and more pricey ones. Choosing a good massage gun can be crucial to enhancing your muscle recovery and performance.

If you are looking for the right massage gun for you this year, here are the top 10 things to consider before making a purchasing decision.

1 Stall force

If you are a fan of intense deep tissue massage and have well-built muscles then stall force is definitely one of the things to consider before purchasing a percussion massage gun. Stall force refers to the amount of pressure applied to the motor before it stops working. In this respect, the higher the stall force the more powerful the massage is. Cheaper options have 20 to 30 pounds, while the standard ones have 40 to 50 pounds of stall force.

percussion massage gun

2 Speed and RPM

It is good to know that the speed refers to the strength of the percussions, while RPM (revolutions per minute) denotes the number of percussions per minute. The speed intensity and RPM can vary depending on the model, but always look for massage guns have adjustable intensity settings that allow you to increase or decrease the strength and get more control over the massage session. The RPM can range from 1000-3200, with some models capable of reaching up to 5000 RPM. Standard speed range is from 1400-2800 percussions per minute will suit most users.

3 Amplitude

An important feature that determines the effectiveness of a massage gun is certainly the amplitude or the stroke length. It refers to the distance the massage head travels back and forth. Budget-friendly deep tissue massagers usually have an amplitude of 8 to 10mm, while the top-tier ones have 12mm to 16mm of amplitude. In other words, the higher the amplitude, the deeper it can reach into the muscle and provide more powerful muscle-stimulation.

4 Battery life

Another strong point for the right massage gun is definitely a long battery life especially if you do not often have immediate access to a charging station. Some good options will have a battery life of at least 2-3 hours per charge. Most new generation massage guns have a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They also come with a type-C charging cable, which means you can easily and fast charge the device in less than an hour. More expensive models offer an additional interchangeable battery so your percussion massager is ready for use anytime.

percussion massager with attery

5 Weight

Remember you have to hold your massage gun in your hand for at least 10 minutes during one session so it better not to be too heavy. Take into account the overall size as well. A smaller and lightweight handheld deep tissue massager (under a kilo) is more convenient to carry around in your sports bag and maneuver across various muscle groups without putting a lot of strain on you hand and wrist. Some good options will come with a travel case or carrying bag.

6 Level of noise

The majority of people who use the massage gun complain that a high level of noise some of them produce is not only annoying but can seriously disrupt their neighbors activities or even wake up their children. If you are looking for a relaxing massage experience the advice is to always look for a QUIET percussion massage gun whose level of noise does not exceed 35db (which can be compared to a quiet library whisper). Check the noise level decibel chart  to get a grasp of some common noises we encounter in our daily life.

7 Materials

Although the quality of build is something we tend to disregard when making a purchasing decision, it should certainly be taken into account if you wish your device to stand the test of time. Massage guns are used for daily pain relief and recovery and they have to withstand excessive wear and tear. Therefore, we recommend you search for massage guns made of durable materials, such as anodized aluminium or massage attachments made of silicone. Moreover, anodized aluminium is claimed to be long lasting and corrosion resistant, while silicone is skin-friendly and easy to clean.


8 Ergonomics

Another feature that is often overlooked is the ergonomics in the product design. When this principle is applied to percussion massage guns, it usually refers to the handle that has to be designed in such a way to provide comfortable grip and prevent hand fatigue. Before choosing the right massage gun, look for the ergonomic non-slip handle that is easy to hold and can reduce stress and strain on your hands and wrists.

9 A selection of attachments

Bear in mind that each muscle group deserves an appropriate and carefully selected attachment for it to efficiently and quickly relieve muscle soreness and tension. Since massage guns are made for a targeted pain relief, it is important that a massage gun comes with a variety of massage heads. To name just a few, a ball head is primarily designed for large muscle groups, a bullet head is ideal for trigger points like neck, palm, soles while the fork head is suitable for treating your spine, shoulder, forearms, Achilles.

massage gun attachments

10 Safety

It goes without saying that all electrical massage devices need to have auto-shut off and overheating protection in order to prevent yourself from hurting, bruising or even damaging a muscle. It is recommended that you use the massage gun in continuous motion for no more than 15 minutes per sessions. Search for reputable brands with good reviews from other professional athletes or therapists.


Overall, it’s essential to choose a percussion massage gun that meets your specific needs whether you are a professional athlete or just a fitness enthusiast. Do some research online to compare different brands and models before making your final decision. Consider your budget, goals, and recovery needs to select the right massage gun for you.

Hot and cold therapy: Alternative solution for muscle related pain

If you ever experienced any kind of severe muscle pain, no matter whether as a result of overexercise, poor posture, injury or even stress, you know that it can seriously disrupt your everyday activities. Chronic muscle pain and tension can deteriorate the quality of life in the long run, especially your ability to work, exercise and actively interact with people. Having to cope with pain and tension on regular basis  can also lead to depression and anxiety. According to a study muskoskeletal pain ’’is a common problem effecting as many as 3 out of 10 adults in the UK’’. Experts agree that muscle pain is an inflammatory condition of soft tissue that can affect one muscle or an entire muscle group. It is characterised by tender trigger points or sore spots that feel painful and stiff. Although it can be treated with a variety on anti-inflammatory medication, there are also alternative therapies that, if there are no contraindications, can be applied to gradually reduce muscle soreness. Hot and cold therapy here come into play.

How does hot and cold therapy work?

Thermotherapy or hot therapy in most cases involves the use of hot water/bath/shower, hot packs, heating pads ot hot stones (in combination with massage) to treat chronic muscle pain, especially neck, shoulder and low back pain. Heat can increase blood circulation and supply muscle tissue with oxygen and nutrients to effectively relieve and relax stiff muscles and speed up healing.

Cryotherapy or cold therapy is a method in medicine when cold compress, ice pack, cold water immersion or ice cubes are used to reduce acute pain. Cold can decrease blood flow and is primarily used to reduce swelling and inflammation. On top of this, there are studies that show that whole body cryotherapy can significantly decrease pain in patients with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, oseoarthritis. Many famous sportsmen including Christiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt use cryotherapy to recover from sports-related injuries.

Benefits of cryotherapy and thermotherapy

Both methods are used to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Benefits of cryotherapy:

  • Decrease blood circulation and tissue metabolism;
  • Reduce redness, swelling, inflammation;
  • Relieve tight knots, spasm, sore muscles and speed up muscle recovery;
  • Post-exercise –first aid for immediate injuries, relieves soreness after exercise (24 to 48 hours after injury);
  • Cold compress to get rid of eye bags;
  • Can ease symptoms of arthritis.

Advantages of thermotherapy:

  • Increase blood circulation and tissue temperature;
  • Ease muscle spasm and tension, improve range of motion, increase connective tissue elasticity;
  • Relieve tight knots, spasm, sore muscle pain;
  • Warm up muscles before workout;
  • Hot compress to relieve sinus pain.

When it comes to treating injuries, muscle strains and sprains, the difference between the two is that cold therapy should be used as soon as the injury occurs, while hot therapy is applied after the inflammation has decreased.

Alternating heat and cold

Alternating hot and cold therapy, also referred to as contrast therapy, implies switching between the heat and cold to ease delayed onset muscle soreness, which is pain you feel after strenuous workouts. 24 h cold water immersion and hot pack therapy have proven to alleviate pain when applied 1 hour after intense exercise.

One clinical trial shows that the heating and cooling combination therapy is a safe method for reducing chronic back pain, but it points out that its excessive use can cause skin damage so it should be applied carefully. Moreover, studies suggest that contrast water therapy (CWT) and cold/hot packs is a frequently used technique to promote post-exercise recovery.

Alternating heat and ice therapy can provide immediate relief for people with sciatica. Ice can help decrease inflammation, while heat stimulates blood flow to the painful area, which accelerates healing. Contrast therapy also help relieve painful muscle spasms that often accompany sciatica.



Long exposure to heat and cold may have negative effects as well. Make sure you apply them for only recommended period of time and with caution. Never fall asleep and always sit in the upright position when using heat or ice. There are certain contraindications to the use of heat and cold:

  • Heat and cold therapy should not be used on people with diabetes, dermatitis, vascular diseases, heart disease, deep vein thrombosis or multiple sclerosis (unless under medical supervision).
  • If you are pregnant or have hypertension, always ask for medical advice.
  • People with skin infections or dermatitis;
  • People with poor blood circulation.
  • People insensitive to heat and cold should not use either therapy since it may cause skin burns or damage.
  • Neither therapy should be applied on open wounds.


How to do hot and cold muscle therapy at home

It would be really convenient if we could replace ice packs and heating pads with one portable device that can provide both heat or cold to relieve muscle fatigue, which you can easily use at home or pack in your gym bag. Having this idea in mind Donnerberg has launched a new product – massage gun with a hot/cold attachment. Use the attachment separately or in combination with massage. It shuts down automatically after 10 minutes of continuous use. In this way there is no need to worry that it will burn or damage your skin. There are two levels of heat which you can adjust depending on your condition. Moreover, you can also alternate between the two modes by a simple press of a button. The device can precisely deliver temperatures from 16 °C to 48 °C. It is ideal for immediate muscle relaxation, sports injuries and targeted pain relief.






Medical disclaimer: The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and can be used for informational purposes only. Always consult with a qualified and licensed physician or other medical care provider and follow their advice accordingly.




Boost your Immunity this Winter: 5 Ways to Re-energize

The cold days in the autumn and winter months can make you feel sluggish, tired and lacking in energy. Bacteria and virus activity increase in winter, which cause colds, loss of energy, mental and physical fatigue, loss of concentration. That is why it is necessary to focus on your body’s defense and do what it takes to boost your immunity this winter. First of all, we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, because bad habits lead the body to tiredness and exhaustion. Experts recommend eight hours of sleep, regular physical activity, spending time in nature, hydration, relaxing activities, etc.

Here are some simple suggestions to strengthen the immune system and improve general well-being:

1. Healthy nutrition is the basis for good immunity

Monotonous nutrition could slow down your metabolism, as well as accumulate toxins that over time become too much of a burden on the immune system. A healthy and balanced diet is an effective solution – spinach, pumpkin, carrots and cabbage are high in beta carotene, which strengthens the immune system. Zinc is also an important trace element essential for the creation of antibodies and can be found in cereals, salmon, chicken and seafood. If needed, you can take vitamin and mineral supplements. Having regular meals rich in nutrients can go a long way towards helping you prevent the cold and flu. At the same time, if you add immunity-boosting vitamins to your diet, such as vitamin C and B6, , your body will successfully fight disease-causing agents.

2. Exercise is essential to overall well-being

neck and back massagerModerate physical activity is essential for maintaining good health. Choose the activity that relaxes you most –swimming, light jogging, walking. Even the simple morning exercises are great to help boost your immunity this winter When it comes to exercise, it has proven to be one of the ways to eliminate accumulated toxins through sweat, but also to get rid of toxic thoughts and stress. Regular exercise can improve your mood, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Moreover, physical exercise increases the production of endorphins, which are known as the “feel-good” hormones.
Also, massage can help you release tension in your muscles, get rid of accumulated stress in your neck, back, lower back, thighs, feet. Invest in your health: enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home with our neck and back massager.


3. Avoid stressful situations

Chronic stress is seen in consistently high levels of cortisol in the blood. People who are exposed to chronic stress gradually begin to experience symptoms such as anxiety and sleep disturbances. The impact of influenza on the immune system can be twofold: increased presence of chronic inflammatory conditions and weakened immune response to external agents. The stress we feel can suppress your immune system, while pleasant experiences improve immunity. Life is filled with events that are beyond our control. However, we can choose how we react – it is very important how we will perceive and respond to life challenges. You will be much happier, healthier and more successful if you adopt a positive mindset rather than a pessimistic one.

4. Joy is in the little things

Simplicity is a real luxury these days. Choose your favorite hobby: reading relaxing literature, meditating, watching movies, spending time with loved ones.  People who engage in activities they love feel relaxed, less angry and in a good mood. They are also more creative, find solutions to different types of problems faster, and generally have a more positive view of the world. If you think about it, that’s enough reasons not to stop yourself from doing what you enjoy and occasionally invest in hobbies, but also to inspire your loved ones to take up a hobby they’ll love.

5. Restful sleep – the key to good health

a child sleepingSleep is essential to your health and there is no doubt that the claims of experts are true when they say that it is really necessary to spend seven to nine hours in bed in order to be able to carry out all daily activities the next day. Lack of sleep can cause nervousness, depression, cardiovascular disease, headaches, allergies, loss of muscle mass, decreased appetite.  All these are factors which can disturb the overall balance of the organism. Therefore, it is important to give the body enough time to rest and regenerate. A restful sleep begins with the Donnerberg memory foam pillow .

Do you have any suggestions to boost your immunity this winter? Share your impressions with us!







Office stretches to relax back pain and tension

Are you one of those people who spend most of their days sitting?

Whether in front of the computer at your work desk, or in front of the TV once back home, the sedentary lifestyle has become prevalent. Let’s not forget long car trips that are often neither too ergonomic nor comfortable. According to a survey conducted by Fellows 81% of UK office workers spend between 4 and 9 hours sitting every day, while 64% of them reported that their workplace environment has a negative effect on their health and well-being.
As a consequence, we should not be surprised that our bodies resent us or that all these hours of physical inactivity resulted in fatigue, tension or even pain in different parts of the body, such as the neck, lumbar region, legs and joints.
What to do to break from such a harmful routine, activate and relax your muscles in your office chair? Although our office space does not necessarily give us the freedom to move, we can still introduce small rituals into our daily routine so that we can exercise regularly in order to feel better.

The importance of physical activity

It has been proven that the solution to the majority of health problems affecting modern society lies in physical activity. Stress, mental overload, boredom – just keep up with your workout ! You’re not super proud of how you look – choose a sport and have fun doing it! It goes without saying that the key activity to get rid of worries (at least physical) in the office is to move your body whenever the opportunity arises! A solution that leaves no room for doubt.

Office stretches – how to relax your whole body at workplace?

Firstly, arrange your workplace to be more ergonomic in order to prevent  health problems. Remember to take frequent breaks throughout your workday to stretch your legs and always sit or stand up straight! A few simple exercises to do at your workplace generally consist of stretching the neck, trapezius, arms and legs in order to unlock muscle tightness, improve blood circulation and get a boost of energy. No need for a lot of space or equipment, all you need is your good will and motivation. In no time will you notice the positive effects!

Best office stretches to relieve back pain

Given that office workers mostly complain about back pain and discomfort, we have made a selection of exercises that prevent and reduce the tightness of different types of back muscles. Here are some simple stretching exercises you can do if you have upper or lower back pain or feel tightness in your shoulder blades.

Office stretches for the cervical vertebrae and trapezius

Starting position: Sit up straight in a chair. The feet are hip-width apart, the knees are at a 90 degree angle.
• Tilt your head to the side as if you wanted to touch your shoulder with your ear. Hold this position, return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.
• Turn your head to the side and try to bring it closer to your shoulder. Return to the original position and switch sides.
• Pull the chin back as if you wanted to create a double chin. Hold this position and release it afterwards.
• Raise your shoulders towards your ears without moving your head. Hold the position and relax. Then push the shoulders back, also making sure that the head does not move.

Stretches for the shoulders and shoulder blades

• Hold with one hand the wrist of the other hand above your head. Stretch the extended arm starting from the shoulder. Change hands.
• Interlace the fingers on the chest. Turn the palms and stretch the arms forward. Hold and return to the starting position.
• Cross your fingers behind your head. Alternately release the elbows forward and push them back to bring the shoulder blades together.

Office stretches for the lower back

• Spread your legs, lean your body forward and touch the floor with your hands.
• Turn to the side, further stretch the muscles of the spine by pushing the arm against the opposite knee. Hold the position, gently return to the starting position and switch sides.
• Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart. Place your palms on the lower back and gently push the body forward at the hips without bending the knees. Hold the position and then return to the starting position.

Since these exercises are really simple, it is in everyone’s interest to stay physically active, to reduce the amount time we spend sitting, prevent back pain and eventually improve your wellbeing.

How does breathing help with stretching?

If we want to enhance tension relief and muscle relaxation while stretching, we should learn how to breathe deeply by opting for simple breathing techniques. Among a large number of techniques, we have chosen one that can be done when almost anytime. Here are the instructions to follow:
Close your eyes. Breathe deeply for 5 seconds. During this time, remember the happy moments of your life and project yourself into them. Then exhale through your mouth, dismissing any negative thoughts. Repeat until you feel a sense of well-being.
Likewise, if we seek to remain productive and nurture the culture of well-being at work, it is very important to adopt healthy habits and find good mechanisms to improve the quality of life.

Getting a massage at your office desk?

For maximum positive results and deep muscle relaxation, why not reaching for a massage? Providing a professional masseur is not easy, but fortunately there is an equally effective solution. In a plethora of  high-performance electric massage devices, the German brand Donnerberg takes pride in three-function back massage cushion (shiatsu, tapping and infrared heat) that can relieve back pain in a very short time. The main advantage of this super powerful little heated massage cushion is that it you can use it hands free. Leaf through a file, sip your favorite herbal tea or enjoy checking notifications on your mobile phone while having a relaxing hand like back massage. You can massage your whole back, legs and feet to reach all the trigger points and relax stiff and sore muscles.

Which relaxation technique and stretching exercise do you prefer? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Dance therapy – benefits for your body and mind

Dance therapy is a form of physical therapy practised to the rhythm of music that can fill the body with serotonin. In addition, movement therapy can be an emotional outlet and one of the ways to express your energy and talent.

In the 20th century the first dance school was opened within which ballet was revolutionized. From that point on modern dances were born – rumba, salsa and chachachá, the latter inspired by Latin and Caribbean rhythms.

Many dancers were aware of the physical and mental benefits that this activity brings, even before scientists became interested in doing research on the positive effects of this form of therapy. Today we can find countless articles related to this topic.

Such is the case of the online medical data bank Pubmed, where scientific publications on movement therapy can be found by simply entering the word “dance”.

Most popular types of modern dance

Dance is believed to be one of the earliest art forms. Depending on your taste and abilities, you can choose a modern or traditional one and let yourself be seduced by the rhythm. There is a variety of different types of dances. We will mention just a few:

dance therapySalsa is one of the most popular Latin dances. Although it is based on Caribbean rhythms, not long ago have salsa dance steps and moves spread throughout Europe. This contagious and rapid rhythm encourages you to move your entire body and triggers positive emotional response, which fills your body with serotonin, the happy hormone.

Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic. This dance consists of four-step movements to the rhythm of the music. It has had several modifications from its original form to modern style. Bachata teaches you how to improve your posture and it can increase flexibility.

Tango is a dance full of sensuality that was born in the late 1800s in the urban part of Buenos Aires. However, it became immensely popular only when it spread to the richest parts of Argentina. From there it reached Europe and the United States. Dancing tango can make you feel relaxed, de-stressed and can help you build self-confidence.

Zumba: is one of the most recent dances. The Colombian dancer Alberto Beto PérezIt  founded it in the mid-90s. Zumba is a fun fitness program that involves exercises combined with Latin-inspired music. The name ‘zumba’ derives from the word “rumba” which means ‘party’ in Colombian.

Dance therapy – health benefits

Regardless of age, dancing is a beneficial activity that helps not only improve your overall physical condition but might also enhance your brain function. Some of the positive effects of movement therapy are:

  • Improves body flexibility

As you get to know your body and your moves become more fluid, your body becomes more flexible.

  • Reduces stress

Numerous studies show that dancing can help you reduce stress levels and promote full body relaxation.

  • Stimulates memory

Dance is a  great brain exercise. You need to concentrate on the sound of the music in order to follow sequences and learn new steps.

  • Strengthens the heart

Several cardiologists recommend dancing to prevent or reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Helps you lose weight

It is said believed that dancing makes you lose approximately 200 calories in 30 minutes.

  • Produces adrenaline and gives you energy

Most likely, after dancing you will have more energy since your body feels satisfied.

  • Helps improve balance

Movement therapy can promote body balance, strengthen your hips and ankles.

  • Better coordination

The brain gives your body a signal to perform certain movements, thus achieving better balance and coordination. More precisely, dance engages your whole body and the brain needs to coordinate different muscle groups at the same time.

  • Lower risk of dementia

A study conducted on elderly people showed that dance therapy can help prevent the effects of Alzheimer’s and related disorders, said Dr. Estefanía Speltzer. You can find more information on this topic at the following link: Dance therapy for dementia



Martha Graham, one of the most famous American dancers of all times, said “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”, while the famous Paulo Coelho’s quote is ‘’When you dance you can enjoy the luxury of being yourself’’.

Regardless of the type of dance you choose depending on your skills and style, you do not need to be a professional dancer to fully enjoy the feeling that the rhythm of music gives you and to feel its benefits.

We recommend one of the devices to relax your muscles after a great dance class, the Donnerberg neck massager. It is the perfect solution to pamper your body anytime, anywhere.

As already mentioned, dancing has many physical and psychological benefits. We recommend you introduce a couple of hours of dance therapy into your everyday routine. Moreover, learn some new steps and get to know people with the same goal. Don’t wait any longer, let the music play!



https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/dance-therapy#how-it-works https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27569177/



Vibration massage: The healing effect & top health benefits

What is vibration massage?

Vibration massage, if you ever wondered, is a massage technique that involves the use of vibrations to stimulate blood flow, eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. Vibrations are defined as continuous rapid slight shaking or trembling movements. Oscillatory movements of a certain intensity have proven to be very important for the normal functioning of the organism.

Since ancient times, people noticed that the use of vibrations might have a healing effect. However, only in the 19th century have they developed a special technique that used oscillations during for therapeutic purposes. In the mid-19th century a Russian physician Gustav Zander developed a range of therapeutic machines, many of which used vibrations. Nowadays with a wide selection of electric massage devices vibration massage therapy has regained its popularity.

Vibration massage can be either applied to your whole body or to certain body parts (localized). Whole body vibration exposes your entire body to rapid oscillatory movements while you are sitting, standing or working out on a vibration plate. In this article we will dive deeper into the benefits of localized vibration massage therapy. When compared to a whole-body vibration, localized vibration massage stimulates and targets one specific body muscle area, which increases and maximizes its beneficial effects.

How does vibration affect the body? What does it do to muscles?

massage for mucle painVibrations of a certain intensity and frequency penetrate deep into the muscle tissue causing muscles to contract and relax. The muscle contractions lead to an increase in blood circulation reduce fatigue and soothe muscle soreness and numbness. It is a well-known fact that good blood circulation is essential for a person’s health since blood brings oxygen and nutrients to each and every organ and helps the organism get rid of toxins.

Moreover, vibration massage is believed to stimulate nerve endings on the surface of the skin, which transfer the impulses to the brain and cause nervous, circulatory and lymphatic system to respond and restore their performance. Muscle contractions during vibration may promote lymph flow and enhance lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage may decrease water retention, detoxify your body regenerate muscle tissue.

What are the main benefits of vibration massage therapy?

Like with most other types of massage, the main function of vibration massage is primarily to relax the muscles, increase blood circulation, reduce muscle pain. Trigger points, or sensitive muscle knots made in soft tissue after injuries or strenuous physical activity are likely to cause muscle pain or spasm. Vibration therapy has proven to be effective in releasing these trigger points and therefore alleviating the muscle pain associated with them.

Vibration massage is also highly beneficial for sportsmen. It can be used at the warm up stage to boost blood flow and prepare muscles to increase performance and minimize the risk of injury. Moreover, various clinical trials suggest that properly selected vibration therapy can accelerate post workout recovery, ease fatigue and relieve tight and stiff muscles, as well as improve flexibility and range of motion.

One study shows that patients with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) have a positive reaction to massage with vibrations. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that manifest itself as a pain in soft muscle tissue all over the body, joint pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance. Vibration therapy has proven to be a safe and well tolerated massage therapy that can improve the patient’s quality of life in the long run.

Recap: Vibration massage can provide relief for sore and stiff muscles, improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation and speed up recovery time.

Vibration massage vs Shiatsu massage

vibration massageBoth types of massage have their benefits and it is only a matter of your body’s needs and the current condition which one to choose. Each body and its reaction to massage is different and what works for one person may not work for the other. Shiatsu and vibration massage can even complement each other to maximize the benefits. To help you choose the right massage for you, here we list the basic similarities and differences between the two massage techniques.

Research suggests that both types of massage are likely to reduce fatigue and muscle pain ad tension, improve the function of the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Additionally, they can provide help in dealing with insomnia, provide relief from headaches, reduce stress and promote general well-being.

Shiatsu massage is a more holistic therapy which focuses on applying finger pressure on specific energy points in the body called meridians. The primary function of shiatsu massage is to remove blockage, balance the flow of energy and bring your body and mind into harmony. On the other hand, vibration massage is based on the use of vibrations to relieve muscle soreness and can offer relief for overworked muscles, accelerate recovery and increase joint strength and flexibility.

Read more: Shiatsu treatment enhances body’s own healing abilities

Donnerberg Premium massagers: How does the vibration function work?

vibrating massagerApart from being based on the principles of traditional shiatsu massage, Donnerberg Premium neck massagers also have an integrated vibration massage function to give your muscles complete relief of muscle pain and strain. We recommend you use the vibration function on your shoulders, back and legs to boost the blood flow and reduce soreness. Apply it on soft muscle tissue and avoid bony parts. If the massage feels uncomfortable, try adjusting the position and intensity of massage. Most importantly, the massage should always feel pleasant and if you notice that it is becoming painful, you should change the pressure using the straps or make a break from using the massager.

Donnerberg Premium neck massagers feature 2 modes of vibration: continuous vibration and vibration in regular intervals. You can start the vibration function by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel – vibrations will be applied continuously. If you press the button twice, you will change the mode of vibration – they will be performed at regular intervals – oscillations will last for 5 seconds and then pause for 2 seconds repetitively.

Is vibrating massager safe?

The intensity of vibrations in electric vibrating massagers is generally not too high to be harmful. However, you should be cautious if the massage is painful, if you feel dizziness, discomfort or any other unpleasant symptoms during a session.

Who should not use the vibration machine?

People with certain medical condition should not use vibration massagers or should consult their doctors before using it. These are only some of the contraindications:

  • Pregnancy
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Dermatological problems and skin inflammation;
  • Heart conditions;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Blood disorders, such as hemophilia, thrombosis, varicose veins;
  • Pacemakers, implants, artificial joints or limbs.


If you are suffering from frequent muscle pain and tightness that can limit you daily activities, there are many options to consider for getting the necessary pain relief, vibration massage being one of them.

Moreover, massage has become a necessity, not a luxury, especially with the invention of electric massage devices that are effortlessly easy to use. Set aside at least 15 minutes a day for a rejuvenating massage – your body will feel the difference and you may end up feeling relaxed and re-energized.


Medical disclaimer: The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice can be used for informational purposes only. Always consult with a qualified and licensed physician or other medical care provider and follow their advice accordingly.






Poor blood circulation: 5 tips for better blood flow

How many times have you heard about problems with poor circulation? Dysfunctions of the circulatory system are, in fact, very widespread and affect many more people than one might imagine. Contrary to the popular belief,  circulatory problems can affect people of all ages, not just the elderly. Circulation is essential for proper bodily functions and overall health. Since blood carries oxygen, hormones and nutrients to every part of the body, poor circulation can cause all kinds of disorders and can be at the root of many other health issues.

What causes poor blood circulation?

Many factors can lead to bad circulation – a sedentary lifestyle, high temperatures, the habit of wearing tight clothes and shoes, eating too much salt, excess weight or obesity. In addition, smoking and alcohol can affect both vitality and physical appearance and cause premature skin aging. Therefore, when you suffer from poor circulation, the blood flow is not able to properly reach all the cells and tissues to bring them oxygen and vital nutrients. Moreover, blood carries away toxins and waste products, which means that when circulation is poor, this can pose a potential risk to our health.

How can we look healthier, more beautiful and younger?

1. Balanced diet, rich in minerals and nutrients

A healthy and balanced diet is necessary to maintain your fitness level and keep in good condition. Make sure you eat food rich in vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids and iron, which are excellent allies in maintaining a good hormonal status.  What’s more, regular consumption of red fruit and a diet rich in fish and green vegetables has a good impact on our cardiovascular system. On top of that, optimal water intake is a must, as well as freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas.


2. Regular physical activity

As we all know, regular physical activity is good for our health, but also for your circulation. Some sports are more suitable for improving the circulation throughout your entire body. Here are some of the suggestions:

  1. Walking: this activity helps the supply of oxygen in tissues and blood vessels and thus increases blood flow. In addition, walking reduces the risk of diabetes, helps you lose weight, tones your muscles, improves your mood.
  2. Running: running definitely helps boost your blood flow. It also prevents osteoporosis, accelerates metabolism, has a favorable effect on the cardiovascular system, lowers blood sugar levels.
  3. Swimming: swimming can increase circulation, because it is an activity that can be done horizontally, without too much strain on the body. It is no coincidence that it is recommended for those suffering from venous diseases. In fact, water creates gentle pressure on the venous system, massages the lower back, which can enhance circulation in the treated areas. In addition, swimming improves joint mobility, coordination and muscle tone.

3. Healthy daily routine and mental hygiene

It is a well known fact that cold showers can increase blood flow and make you feel an immediate sense of well-being. Slowly increase the water temperature to make it equal to your body’s temperature, to a level you feel comfortable. Whenever it is possible, try to keep your legs elevated or propped up on a pillow while you rest. It is also useful to take a walk or stretch your legs every hour during a break at work in order to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time.

4. Circulatory massage

Circulatory massage might be the secret to maintain healthy blood flow. Most of us have heard what the benefits of massage are, such as relaxation of tense muscles and stress relief. Circulatory massage involves applying pressure on deep muscle tissue in the same direction as your blood flow to keep the blood circulating properly throughout the body. Moreover, regular circulatory massages might stimulate the lymphatic system. In this way you can release toxins and waste products from the organism, which is a side effect of bad circulation. Moreover, you can use essential oils during massage to further boost circulation, such as rosemary, citrus, eucalyptus.

Pamper yourself to a relaxing hand massage or use a Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager that stimulates hand massage almost perfectly wherever you need it – at home, in the office, on the move.

5. Ginseng

Ginseng (known as the miracle herb) is the oldest Chinese medicinal plant used in traditional medicine, cosmetics, especially for dermatological purposes – ginseng can be useful in toning and tightening the skin. It also has a positive impact on blood circulation, encouraging the contraction of blood vessels and formation of new capillaries. In this way, you can better supply tissues with blood and oxygen. Ginseng is an effective herbal remedy during periods of stress, weight fluctuations, loss of muscle tone and premature skin aging. When you apply it to the skin, it can stimulate microcirculation, increase energy levels and  improve flexibility. For greater efficiency, ginseng can be used in combination with massages.


Take small steps – follow the advice that appeals to you most!

When you take care of yourself, you also take care of your loved ones!





Home office: How to create a healthy workspace?

Working from home is not a new concept, but it is experiencing an upswing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only the pandemic, but also business digitization has changed the world of work in such a way that many employees shifted to working from home in recent years.

The perfect work model: home office

For many employees, home office sounds like an interesting idea. Working from home no longer means long commutes, annoying search for a free parking space, setting the alarm clock to go off later and simply sleeping longer. As a result, you can start your working day much more relaxed.
Working whenever and wherever you want sounds tempting. Homeworkers can adapt their working hours to their personal biorhythm. Some of us are most productive late in the evening, while others prefer to work early in the morning. Flexibility is a big advantage of home office jobs.
Home office offers a perfect basis for a good work-life balance. This work model makes it possible to spend more time with your family. In the comfort of your home you can work less stressed and undisturbed. It’s usually a quiet work environment, with no chatty colleagues or constant phone ringing.
Working from home is very beneficial for some employees, but this model does not suit everyone.

Challenges of working from home

Working from home has certain disadvantages. Although it sounds like a dream come true for most people, the reality is usually different. It must be pointed out that working from home is not possible for everyone to the same extent. People who have small children have to make an effort to fully focus  on their work. A quiet work environment is important for everyone.
Organizing daily work at home can be quite challenging. This work model requires focus, discipline, and clear boundaries. Since the boundaries between work and everyday life are often blurred, it is important to switch off and unwind after work. If you organize your day well and develop a routine, everything works easier. In these circumstances, good time management is a must.
What is missing most in the home office is social interaction. Employees have no contact with their colleagues and are socially isolated. Such work circumstances can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection. Everyday chit-chat among colleagues and the common breaks cannot be replaced by constant email interaction .

Tips to help you create a productive and healthy home office

Ergonomic workplace

Many people who work from home spend most of their working hours sitting either on the sofa or at a desk. Don’t you often find yourself sending a few more work emails late at night while in bed? No wonder why many home workers complain about back and neck pain.
A comfortable chair is one of the most important prerequisites that can give a proper support to your back during the day. If our home office desk chair is not comfy enough you should attach a lumbar back support to it in order to create optimal working conditions. A healthy sitting posture is extremely important and depends almost entirely on the ergonomics of your chair. You should consciously pay attention to your posture when sitting. This means that the back should rest against the backrest of the chair. You should sit as upright as possible and use the entire seat. If we sit upright for 8 hours a day, we can increase our productivity and promote our overall well-being.

Active breaks

Anyone who spends hours sitting should take a break now and then because our bodies are programmed to move. Luckily, this can be done at home. There are many exercises you can do in your home office. It doesn’t matter whether these involve stretching or back exercises, it’s important that you move. Furthermore, when working from home, we have more freedom. We can go for a walk in the park or go to the gym during working hours because we can choose where and when we want to work. Exercise stimulates circulation and activates blood flow, which improves the brain’s oxygen saturation. This has proven to increase employees’ motivation and productivity.


Almost everyone has experienced back pain. Most of us have heard about pain in the lower back, or in the shoulder and neck area. The improvised workplace at home has contributed to this even more.The most common mistake homeworkers make is sitting on a dining chair. This can cause serious health problems in the neck and shoulder area.
A regular massage might improve mental and physical well-being. It is a well-known fact that employees who feel good are more motivated and perform better. That’s why it makes sense to treat yourself to a self-massage during the working day. It can relax your entire body and help relieve stress and strain almost instantly. To ease the pain and reduce muscle tension, an electric neck massager is a perfect solution. No matter what type of work you do, a daily massage can increase productivity and enhance your overall home office experience.

The future of home office

Globalization, digitization and changing living conditions require more flexible work models.
The corona virus pandemic has fundamentally changed the attitude of employers and employees towards working from home. A growing number of companies are switching to remore work. Before the pandemic, this was hardly conceivable. Large corporations even want to offer their employees home office as a standard work scheme. In the future we can expect a hybrid model, which involves a combination in-house and remote work.




E-waste management in Germany – all you need to know

The importance of ecology and proper e-waste management is an issue that each and every one of us has to be aware of. We are witnessing large-scale production of goods around the world, and recycling, in most cases, does not follow this trend.

In recent years, a large number of electronic devices with significantly reduced lifespan have been in the focus of attention. Devices that have been repaired once and which are now mostly replaced are a part of everyday life in most households.

This current situation raises the question of where and how electronic waste can be disposed of. Proper waste management  important issue that is the responsibility not only of the competent authorities, but also of the citizens themselves.


Who is responsible for the return and storage of old devices?

In Germany, around two tons of high-tech waste is accumulated every year. About 40 percent is properly treated, and the law itself indicates that 65 percent of high tech must be properly treated. In order to foster proper disposal of electronic waste, there are other waste disposal streams in addition to the designated municipal collection points. From 24th April 2016 larger manufacturing companies are obliged to return used devices. In this way, the end user is motivated to manage waste properly by speeding up the recycling processes.

The return obligation also applies to shops with high-tech products with sales area greater than 400 m2 and supermarkets of at least 800 m2. Supermarkets have to meet this obligation if they stock some of these products several times a year or in continuity.

If the sellers have a storage and distribution area greater than 800 m2 for electronic devices, they are obliged, at the request of each consumer, to pick up and transport a specific device within a reasonable distance free of charge.

In any case, the municipalities also offer the possibility of waste disposal directly in recycling depots. The return of old devices is free of charge in this case, but collection from the residential address may be subject to a charge.

Relationship between end users and electronic waste collection points

Every consumer is given the opportunity to return the old device if he/she buys a new one. An electrical device with over 25 cm outer edge length can be handed in at the collection point after the consumer purchases a new device. A prerequisite is that the manufacturer and distributor of electronic devices has established cooperation with collection points. Devices with an edge width of more than 25 cm can be returned after purchasing similar devices from the manufacturers. In this case, a proof of purchase has to be provided.

If you decide to hand in your old electrical or electronic equipment, you can find out more about this topic at https://www.take-e-back.de/Verwachsener-Ruecknahmestellen-machen. Before accessing the link, it is important to know that your devices will be accepted at those collection points in your area.


Legislation and e-waste management

All devices that rely on electric energy can be classified as waste and fall under the “Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG)”. Some of the new products included in this law are night storage heaters. It’s important to note that they contain asbestos, a potentially toxic silicon mineral that requires professional handling and storage. Such heaters can be handed in at public collection points or employees can be notified prior to collection.

An interesting fact is that from 15th August 2018 onwards electronic products are considered to be all products that contain an integrated electrical or electronic component. A real example of these are sneakers with luminous soles and backpacks with integrated lights.

Using the above mentioned items as an example, it can be determined whether the entire product or only a part of it  is considered to be e-waste. If the electronic component is firmly connected and there is no possibility of separating it without high resistance, the product should end up in the collection centre. Even if the object can be used after the electronic component malfunctions, as is the case with luminous sneakers, it is perfectly acceptable to remove it.

On the other hand, it is possible to remove the electrical part or replace defective parts in certain products. A good example is a dressing table mirror which contains an easily replaceable battery, or dynamos on the bicycle. In these cases, the electricity shares comply with the legal requirements and should be disposed of.


E-waste mismanagement means facing an environmental problem

As already mentioned, more than half of the devices in Germany are not recycled. From an economic and ecological point of view, which means an irreversible loss of valuable and consumable metals. What’s more, poor waste management is posing a serious threat to the environment.

Many high-tech devices contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. It is well-known that such elements can be disastrous for the entire ecosystem if not managed properly. In contrast, electronic devices contain the most valuable metals on the market, platinum and gold, as well as copper. Additionally, countless plastic compounds are available. In order to comply with the law, it is necessary to recycle four-fifths of electronic waste.

In addition to having negative effects on the environment, irresponsible disposal of old devices can endanger the health of the population, In addition, electronic waste is illegally exported to developing countries in Asia and Africa. As a consequence, children in these countries are often exposed to hazardous effects of contraband. In order to extract raw materials from old devices, such as extracting copper from plastic cables, people and their children resort to primitive methods that in many cases lead to contamination of water, soil and air.

Get your devices repaired instead of buying new ones

Soaring e-waste is an issue that we will have to address seriously in the future. Literally every month we witness the release of new cell phones, upgraded hand blenders, new graphics cards for gaming, etc.

In conclusion, only a defective device means waste. Even a minor defect does not mean that a repair is no longer an option.

Give your old childhood cassette player new life. Visit local workshops, you’ll be surprised to see there are always plenty more of them.


  • E-waste management in the UK owners of old devices from private households can dispose these at the public waste disposal authorities or bring them to producer or seller related disposal locations. You can find these disposal locations online: http://www.recycle-more.co.uk





Self-care: the lost art of modern life?

What does self-care mean? As the name suggests, self-care is an ability of individuals to take care of and maintain their own physical, mental and emotional health. The World Health Organization acknowledges this term and suggests that individuals, as well as families and communities, should take steps to take care of their own welfare.  Although there are no strict guidelines for promoting healthy habits, it is well known that they should incorporate nutritious food, enough sleep, physical exercise, socializing.

We cannot help but ask ourselves when was the last time we did something for ourselves to feel better. It seems that the hustle of modern hectic life has taken a toll on our ability to deal with daily stressors that can negatively affect our overall well-being.

By no means should self-care be confused with selfishness. Taking care of one’s health should be taken as a priority, since only a physically and emotionally healthy person can be productive and help others as well. It is high time we started indulging in little rituals and taking a break to relax and unwind.

Self-care day ideas

Bear in mind that there aren’t correct or best ways to practice self-care. For some, it will mean going for a walk without their phone, while for others it would be sitting down for their morning coffee and enjoying every sip. The list of self-soothing activities is endless and it will completely depend on a person’s current needs and desires.

Let’s take a look at a few self-care day ideas for a perfect day dedicated entirely to you.

Go for a solo walk

solo walkNature is known to have healing powers that have a positive effect on your health. Spending time outside can help you destress, brightens up your mood and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, regular walks increase the intake of oxygen, improve memory and concentration. Even though it is real fun spending time in nature with friends, going for a solo walk can be advantageous as well. In this way you can set your own pace without trying to catch up with somebody else’s. Furthermore, you can pick your favorite music to listen to while walking. If you are looking for stress relief, solo walks can give you space to self-meditate. In this way you can take time to focus on your breath, which will help you feel calmer and get in touch with your own body.

Reduce screen time

self care day ideaMost of us are connected to technology 24/7, either by choice or for work.  From the moment we wake up we tend to get hold of our phone to check texts or emails or simply catch a glimpse of the latest social media posts. It is well-known that we live in the era of information overload. It can have a negative impact on our brain, as studies suggest. Some of the consequences are fatigue, inefficiency, lack of concentration, to name just a few. People easily get addicted to social media, and growing out of this habit and reducing screen time can be challenging.

First of all, creating a tech-free area in your home sounds like a good start.  For example, designate your bedroom or kitchen as places where you won’t be using your mobile phones or laptops.  Secondly, give your eyes a rest from digital devices. Swap screen time with other activities like reading a book, preparing a meal, doing yoga, etc.


Get a massage and dive into restorative sleep

self care giftOne of the symptoms of prolonged stress is definitely neck pain and tension. It does not just affect your body, but also your feelings and even behavior. So, if neck pain, headaches or muscle pain become debilitating perhaps you should consider getting a massage. Although there are plenty types of massage you can choose from, shiatsu massage stands out from others. It might provide deep muscle relaxation, energize your entire body and boost the immune system. Using an electric massager is a great way to get a relief and comfort your achy muscles anytime you need it without having to leave you home for a long-awaited massage appointment.

Additionally, massage can be the key to good sleep. Getting enough sleep, which is according to some studies between 7 and 9 hours, will make you feel refreshed, improves your memory and makes you more productive for the upcoming activities. Moreover, it is essential to choose the right bamboo pillow. Try to pick the one that will give your neck and spine proper support and relieve pressure on your neck and lower back.

Nourishing yourself with rejuvenating massage with a shiatsu massager followed by enough restful sleep on a comfortable bamboo pillow are essential for taking a good care of yourself.

Think about building a self-care plan

In the last couple of years with the outbreak of the pandemics people had to face a number of challenges: fear of disease, less social interactions, adapting to work from home space. As a result, people felt more stressed out, anxious or even depressed. Therefore, the need for taking a good care of yourself and others has never been so important. If you are the kind of person who likes making plans for the year ahead, perhaps creating a 12-month self-care day challenge does not sound as such a bad idea. The possibilities are endless, just bear in mind this is entirely time for you and don’t feel guilty about it!







Detox diet after the holidays – the easy way to regain your perfect weight

Festive season – the time dedicated to family, fun, lazing around. And of course food. Nobody can resist all the delicious dishes and crunchy Christmas biscuits. And why should you? It’s only once a year…

The holidays are over, but you probably could not avoid gaining some extra pounds which is usually associated with low mood, energy loss, indigestion problems and the general feeling of discomfort and lack of well-being. So what’s next? Spring and summer are fast approaching.

We’ve made a selection of a few popular detox diets and tips that might help you on your journey to the perfect summer body.


Mediterranean detox diet

The Mediterranean detox diet involves forming healthy eating habits and is less aimed at weight loss. This diet is considered to be one of the healthiest diets because, in addition to well-balanced meals, the focus is on eating mindfully and slowly.

Those of you who opt for this diet should take time to eat because eating slowly promotes weight loss. When eating too quickly, the natural feeling of satiety often fails, which means that too many calories are consumed.

The menu of this detox diet consists of high-fiber, fresh foods, fruit, vegetables, unsaturated fats such as olive oil, poultry and whole grain products. If you want to lose weight successfully with the help of the Mediterranean diet, you should avoid processed meat and sausages.

Good news is that even one glass of red wine a day is allowed. Since by following the Mediterranean diet meal plan does not mean giving up certain types of food, this diet is particularly attractive for gourmets.

16/8 Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a typical detox diet where you should avoid certain foods. The procedure is quite simple: fasting for 16 hours per day and eating within an eight-hour window.

This diet is quite flexible when it comes to the alteration of eating and fasting periods. You can choose the cycle that best suits you to get the best possible results. However, the 10am to 6pm meal interval is the most common one.

Although there are no food-specific restrictions on intermittent fasting, it is recommended that you eat wholefood and avoid processed meals as much as possible. As far as drinks are concerned, unsweetened tea and coffee are allowed in addition to water.

Since this type of detox diet is forbidden for certain medical conditions, you should consult your doctor first. Each person responds differently to intermittent fasting due to genetics, current health status, medical history, and lifestyle.


Detox Banana Diet

This diet plan first gained tremendous popularity in Japan which then quickly spread to the rest of the world. The idea behind this diet is that breakfast and all snacks are replaced with bananas. It’s important to choose green, unripe bananas because their resistant starches help keep blood sugar levels down, which promotes weight loss.

The meal plan is very simple:

You can eat as many bananas as you want for breakfast. Bananas are making a comeback as a small snack between meals.

For lunch you can eat whatever you want. Of course, as with any diet, it is recommended that you consume low-fat, high-fiber, fresh food and avoid processed food and ready-made meals.

For dinner, you have freedom of choice, as long as you stick to your lunch plan. You should avoid alcohol and water is recommended as a perfect drink for staying hydrated. Unsweetened tea and coffee are also not forbidden, but they should be avoided if it is possible.

The principles of this diet are very simple and this detox diet is easy to follow. But for how long you are ready to eat bananas is another question.


Exercise: an irreplaceable part of every weight loss program


In order to get fit again after the holidays, it is not enough just to stick to your chosen diet and change your eating habits. Regular exercise is a must.

It is well-known that sport and exercise make us healthy and more energetic. However, it is often difficult to set aside 1-2 hours for the gym several times a week. That’s why we often give up before we even start.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is also enough if you only get 15-20 minutes of exercise a day. A short walk in the park or at-home workout are easy to integrate into your everyday routine. Moreover, do not forget about at-home equipment that can ensure optimal workout.

One of them, for example, is a vibration plate. It delivers rapid vibrations throughout the body. As a result, muscle tissue can be better supplied with blood, energy can be burned and fat can be broken down more effectively. In combination with regular training, the stimulation of the deep muscles can be particularly effective. In addition, the vibrations can strengthen the bones and give the skeleton more stability, which can reduce joint problems. Vibrations make muscles contract and relax continuously, which can also strengthen the muscles. A 15-minute workout on a vibration plate can be more effective than spending an hour at the gym. So, there are no more excuses for not exercising.


A change in eating habits in combination with physical exercise can quickly bring about results you were hoping for. Don’t let your holiday weight gain discourage you and start with your transformation right now. With just a little effort by following these tips you can achieve a lot.





Job hunting made easier!

New year is just the right time for a change, new experiences, exciting adventures and challenges.  If finding or changing a job is the right adventure for you, we have a few tips that might help you on your way to finding the dream job.

Clearly define your goals

No matter whether you are starting your first job hunt or just want to change your career path after years of experience, it is crucial that you have a clear picture of what kind of a job you are looking for.

Take time to find answers to a few key questions: What are your interests? What do you want to accomplish or learn? How much free time would you like to have? Would commuting be an option for you or are you willing to relocate? The answers to these questions will help you find the dream job more easily and focus on the career you aspire to.

How to do job hunting online?


In the old days people used to find jobs by browsing job advert sections in the newspapers. Those days are long gone and job hunting has drastically changed since then. Nowadays, job hunting is almost entirely done online. This makes the process even more complicated because you might feel overwhelmed by too many job offers. So, where should you start?

There are numerous options for finding a job: specialized job posting sites, social media, private networks.

You will definitely find a large selection of vacancies on https://de.jooble.org/.  The more you narrow down your job search criteria, the easier the search for the right job would be.

You can look for a job on Jooble by entering the name of a job and filter the results using the city you are interested in, date, salary, employer name. Since https://de.jooble.org/ helps people find employment in 71 countries and is available in 24 languages, those of you who are adventure seekers will have their hands full searching for the right job.

How to prepare for a job interview?


Have you found your dream job and now you should prepare for a job interview? Perfect! You are already halfway to getting the job you were looking for.

The first step would be to make a perfect CV. It should be well-structured and informative. Also, bear in mind that recruiters usually have no time to read long CVs. Include only the relevant information related to your professional development and qualifications. Moreover, put your skills in the focus of attention.

Including a photo on your resume is not necessary, but it is always a good idea to have at least one photo professionaly taken so that your future employer can get the right impression of you.

A compelling cover letter is essential. While you are looking for a job, do thorough research on the company and the job requirements. Do not forget to mention why you would be a good fit to the company and what your potential contribution would be.


Night before the interview


You are fully prepared for the upcoming job interview and now you can relax a bit. Not really, experts recommend that you should indulge in complete relaxation, so that you can do your best.

Although you are still feeling nervous and you head is full of thoughts and worries, try to switch off and take some time for relaxation. Read a few pages of a book, watch  a comedy or pamper yourself with a massage. With a neck masager treat yourself to a rejuvenating powers of massage therapy and  bring your body and mind into harmony.

Go to bed as early as possible in order to get proper rest and  show yourself in the best possible light. We hope that your job hunt will be successful and that you will end up getting that dream job.

We wish you the best of luck!






Workplace wellness – Feeling better together

Workplace wellness may sound like a modern concept, but the fact is that employers have always known that healthier workers are more likely to be more productive workers. Nowadays more than ever, with the appearance of Millennials as the leading workforce, wellness-focused lifestyle is gaining more significance and popularity. Prospective employers are more than ever willing to incorporate wellness programs into their employee’s daily routine.

What does workplace health and wellness really mean?

Generally speaking, workplace wellness is considered to be any kind of workplace environment that encourages healthy behavior of all employees. It incorporates a set of organized activities at work that mainly focus on fitness, meditation, healthy eating habits, stress management. EA, an American-based company, prides itself on a great health and wellbeing programs for its workers that includes things such as access to fitness benefits, onsite fitness centers, ride-to-work schemes, and much more.


Why is health and wellness important in the workplace?

There are many benefits that go in favour of worksite wellness programmes.

Work-related stress may lead to demotivation, loss of sleep, anxiety and even depression. Stressed employees are prone to illness and unable to fulfill their full potential. Wellness programmes might help employees reduce stress, foster positive working environment, inspire greater performance and improve work relationships.

Moreover, promoting employee wellbeing has a positive influence not only on individuals but also on the entire organization. According to some studies corporate wellness can result not only in healthier and more productive workforce, but also lead to lower healthcare costs.

Most importantly, the vital element of a good workplace wellness program is behaviour change. Most people spend at least 40 hours of their week at work so the workplace may become the right environment for people to form and maintain healthy habits.

How to improve health and wellness in the workplace?

The ideas for promoting  and improving health and wellness-based activities in the workplace are numerous. It is vital that the activities are diverse in order to address the needs and preferences of all employees. Here are only a few to spark your interest.

On-site yoga/fitness break

It is not uncommon that some companies use their conference or break rooms to organize midday yoga classes. Yoga is believed to have a positive impact on a person’s physical and mental health. Organizing yoga classes onsite allows workers to plug off and relax just a few steps away from their office. What’s more, doing yoga with your coworkers can improve relationships and build a sense of community.

For those who prefer a more intense workout, on-site fitness programmes provide a great alternative. In case your company does not have enough space to organize a fitness class for a group of workers, vibration plates are designed to perfectly fit in the corner of your office. A 10-minute full-body workout can help employees get back into shape, reduce stress and muscle strain, boost energy and encourage better work performance.

Ride-to-work scheme

Cycle to work scheme is being introduced with the aim to foster a healthier option for daily commuting. It seems quite important to encourage more people to cycle to work and travel actively. This is how it works: firstly, employers buy bikes and safety equipment which are  then made available for their employees to ‘hire’. Workers give up a part of their pre-tax salary in exchange of a bike hire. Benefits are countless: cheaper travel, better health, increased worker productivity for businesses, while for the environment it means better air quality and lower congestion.

In-office massage

Office workers frequently complain about severe neck and shoulder pain and stiffness as a result of poor sitting posture and limited mobility. Therefore, regular massages can help them relieve stiff neck and tight shoulders, reduce headaches, relieve eyestrain, de-stress, and increase workflow.

Neck massagers with heat can be seen as a great addition to a company’s wellbeing strategy. What’s more, another advantage is that workers do not need to leave the premises and the company does not have to spend hours booking massage treatment in advance. Anyone can simply sit comfortably in their chair, turn on the massager and let it do wonders to your achy muscles. After just a 15-minute massage people are likely to return to work refreshed and energized.

Is employee wellness worth the effort?

It is well-known that a positive working environment improves worker productivity, team spirit and overall wellbeing. In principle every good business should make sure that its employees are healthy, safe, motivated and satisfied. Developing and implementing an effective wellness program can be quite time-consuming and generally requires commitment and good plan and strategy. However, studies have shown that in the long run its benefits and results can outrun the initial effort and investment.






Additional taxes for online trade

During the last year there has been a harsh debate on the topic of ‘’penalty taxes‘‘ for online trading. It has been suggested that additional taxes should be introduced for e-commerce.

What goes in favour of the proposed additional taxes?

Those in favour of this approach claim that online trade is the reason why city centres are becoming deserted. Shops are getting closed, so there is no reason for people to move into the city centres. Internet shopping is destroying the urban culture and the spirit of the community. This is particularly apparent in inner cities. Moreover, local shops cannot be competitive on the market since they also have to pay the city tax while online retailers have no such obligation and use local infrastructure for parcel deliveries. As a result, it has been suggested that online retailers pay additional taxes – 25% of the gross value of the product. The collected VAT would be redirected to local communities and invested into the development of town centres and attract more visitors.

Digitization as an alternative solution

The trade union is against this suggestion. They believe the reasons for such a disadvantaged position of the towns in the interior are high commercial rents, a lack of parking spaces in business centres and rigid bureaucracy. They think the appropriate solution would be digitization in order to stimulate local shops to build their own online network. This strategy has proven to be useful during the corona crisis when many shops would not have survived if they had not reoriented their business towards online sales. The development of online trade is inevitable and should not be financially burdened. Higher prices and more expensive orders would place an additional burden on those buyers who are dependent on online shopping due to physical, health or age-related restrictions.

The reasons why proponents of additional taxes strategy want to place an additional burden on online trade is the fact that non-EU based sellers tend to evade taxes, disrespect consumer rights and do not demonstrate responsibility for environmental issues. However, the trade union explains that most small and medium sized businesses in Germany pay taxes regularly and respect legal procedures related to consumer rights, recycling and packaging regulations.

VAT changes for e-commerce from 1 July 2021

Moreover, from 1 July new VAT changes for e-commerce in the EU will be introduced. One-Stop-Shop (OSS) is the platform that EU businesses can will be able to use to comply with VAT obligations. The existing distance selling selling thresholds will be abolished for separate EU countries and there will be a uniform distance selling threshold of 10,000 euros that will apply to all EU countries. Still the VAT will have to be paid in each EU country based on the principle of destination. Furthermore, if a company is based outside EU or does not have stock in one of the EU member states from 1 July 2021 Amazon/eBay/other online marketplaces are obliged to collect and remit VAT to the relevant authorities and and pay the net price to the sales partner. In this way a fair share of VAT between EU countries will be regulated, and protect the interest of EU sellers.

What do you think about additional taxes? Post in the comment section below.






EU VAT changes for e-commerce sellers from 1 July 2021



On 1 July 2021, 27 European countries will introduce new VAT regulations related to distance sales. These changes are brought about with the aim of simplifying cross border e-commerce to EU customers and refer to all online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Otto, Kaufland, Media Markt) and web shops.

These new rules that will go into effect on 1 July  2021 are the following:


  1. The existing distance selling threshold will be abolished for intra EU online sales. The annual distance selling threshold for most countries was 35,000 euros (e.g. France, Italy, Spain). However, certain countries were the exception, such as Germany or the Netherlands, whose annual distance selling threshold  was 100,000 euros. This principle will be replaced by a uniform annual threshold of 10,000 euros for distance sales for ALL EU countries.
  2. New One–Stop–Shop (OSS) system for the EU will be introduced. Registration for the OSS system will give advantage to sellers/retailers so that the VAT for cross-border sales is declared and paid in the customer’s country of destination.
  3. E-commerce taxation will be applied according to the  COUNTRY OF DESTINATION principle.
  4. These changes refer to online sales B2C.

What does it actually mean?

So far a German-based business involved in distance selling of goods to French consumers through a web shop or Amazon had to remit the VAT to their home VAT authority in Germany. If the annual distance selling threshold of the above mentioned German company was above 35,000 euros, the company had to register with the relevant tax authority in France, get the VAT number and continue paying VAT in France. If the distance selling threshold was below 35,000 euros, the VAT was remitted in Germany. The same principle applied in Austria, as well as in Italy, Spain, Belgium, and other EU countries.

What changes will take place on 1 July 2021?

There will no longer exist an annual distance selling threshold of up to 35,000 euros for separate EU countries. Instead there will be a uniform distance selling threshold of up to 10,000 euros for all EU countries. This means that if a German-based business sells goods online to consumers in Austria for the value of up to 5,000 euros, in France for the value of up to 3,000 euros, in Italy and Spain for 1000 euros, it has to be VAT registered in each of these EU countries and consequently pay the VAT to each country as appropriate. In certain countries, there is an additional obligation to have an accountant. This makes the entire process even more complicated and expensive. A simple solution would be to register for the EU-OSS system. In this way a German-based company does not have to be VAT registered in every single EU country. This will enable a single VAT return in one place, in the One stop shop (OSS) system, quarterly. VAT has to be paid in each country where you are registered for One Stop Shop (OSS), according to the the COUNTRY OF DESTINATION principle.

Although at first glance it seems that the new legislation has been passed only to regulate the fair share of VAT between EU countries, it primarily protects the interests of the EU sellers. For a non EU-based company, which does not have a warehouse in one of the EU member states, Amazon/eBay/other online marketplaces is responsible for collecting and remitting VAT on the sale of the following goods from 1 July 2021:

  1. Consignments with a value of up to 150 euros shipped into the EU;
  2. Goods sold from a non-EU business seller when the goods are within the EU.

In any of these two cases, Amazon/eBay/other online marketplaces will charge the buyer the price with VAT at the rate applicable in the destination country at the time of payment and remit the VAT to the the relevant tax authority. The net price will be paid to the sales partner.

On 1 July 2021 the VAT exemption for imports of goods with a value of up to 22 euros will be abolished, when the goods are shipped from a non-EU country and sold to consumers in the EU. Therefore, Amazon/eBay/other online marketplaces will calculate, collect and remit VAT to the relevant tax authorities.


As you can see, the new challenges are ahead of us. What do you think of the One Stop Shop (OSS)?






Hormones are chemical substances that take part in regulation of vital functions in our organism – hunger, reproduction, behaviour and emotions. Hormonal imbalance might lead to physical and health problems. We tend to think that our perception of happiness is rather subjective. However, many factors have an influence on our behaviour. Serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphin are the hormones responsible for happiness, pain relief, mental processes and our general well-being.

Here are some useful advice concerning this topic.


Not only does a healthy and balanced diet affect our physical appearance, but it has numerous benefits on our mood, emotional reactions and behaviour as well.

Food rich in vitamins and minerals contributes to the proper functioning of our digestive system, which is closely related to the general condition of our organism. For example, avocado, mango, blueberries, figs are rich in antioxidants, thus, preventing and releasing stress.

Moreover, green foods, like vegetables, might calm us down, while yellow food, such as bananas and cashew can put a smile on our face. Chicken, red meat, chocolate and peanuts are high in tryptophan, an amino acid that increases serotonin, the mood-stabilizer.



Regular physical activity and exercise always go hand in hand with good health. You should choose the sport you enjoy doing without any excess physical effort.

Endorphins released during exercises can boost our mood and decrease the amount of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone.

Sport has a positive effect on our body and mind. No matter whether you prefer individual or team sport benefits of regular physical activity are countless.

Therefore, this is a great reason to make a change in your routine and improve your fitness.




Sleeping is crucial for different aspects of brain functions, including cognition, concentration, productivity and mood.

Getting quality sleep is vital for our overall health. Acute sleep deprivation can increase negative moods, like irritability and frustration.

Moreover, it can cause mood swings, strong emotional reactions and affect our ability to make good judgements.

Sleep is not only a physiological need, like thirst and hunger, but also a natural remedy, which may help in healing and disease prevention.



If you aren’t a sport lover, choose your favourite park or a place by the river and go for a stroll. Walk and exercise might naturally boost tryptophan and serotonin, the happy hormone.

Doing outdoor sport may reduce stress and anxiety, have a positive impact on our cardio-vascular system, affect sleep quality, improve cognitive functions.

Spending time in nature supplies our cells with oxygen, which can upgrade our sport performance.





We all get caught up in a fast pace of everyday life, so massage can be a practical and effective solution that brings back physical and mental harmony at the right time. Regular massage should be relaxing and stimulating so that it can naturally remove toxins from our body. Massage is known to release hormones that are present in our body, such as endorphin, which contributes to further relaxation. Several studies have shown that massage is highly beneficial in releasing sore and tense muscles and increasing blood flow.


Don’t forget that happiness is an attitude that we have while we struggle to overcome challenges on our way to success. Take advantage of good weather in good company, master a new language or skill, enrich your life with travel or an interesting book. The beauty of life reflects in the fact that we always have a choice to make our lives better and make the most of it.


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Choose German quality for the correct posture

Back pain represents a common problem of modern lifestyle, caused by many factors – long periods of sitting, incorrect posture, lack of physical activity, stress or injuries. As a result, acute and tedious backache can impede normal everyday activities and generally, lead to a poor quality of life. Therefore, it is, by all means, always better to be safe than sorry – Donnerberg back support gives your spine the right level of support in the office, at home, when travelling.


Practical and ergonomic backrest is an effective solution for relieving backache. Thanks to its innovative buckle system, our Donnerberg back support can be attached to different types of chairs and car seats. In a simple way attach adjustable and robust straps so that the mesh back support perfectly suits you back – it remains fixed to the chair. Most importantly, our innovative anti-slip system is protected by the German Patent Office.


We paid special attention to the customers’ needs and designed a modern lumbar support according to the highest German quality standards – a steel wire frame contributes to its durability and  also prevents it from losing shape and firmness. The Donnerberg lumbar backrest, with its optimal dimensions, covers the entire spine, thus, relieving tension, stiffness and pain.



Everyday fast pace of life does not leave enough time for sufficient physical activity and exercise. Bearing this in mind, we can choose to offer our spine the correct sitting posture.

From the start, the ergonomic back support solves problems that affect people of all ages and professions. No matter whether you work at the office, learn from home, commute, it is hard to keep your back upright. For that reason, Donnerberg back support offers an ideal solution – it might improve the posture, reduce tension and fatigue. Moreover, ergonomic massage beads gently lean onto your back and consequently stimulate  blood flow and alleviate back muscle pain.


The spine is one of the strongest anatomic structures which performs numerous important tasks: keeps the body stable and flexible, supports the corpse, ensures mobility of the head and body and protects the spinal cord. In other words, a healthy spine and strong back muscles represent the core of a healthy body. The upright posture brings numerous benefits for both the body and mind. First and foremost, it helps in preventing pain: backache, neck pain and shoulder pain, etc.

Choose a healthy option and do the right thing for your back. Our back support offers an efficient and practical solution!









Brexit is claimed to have a significant impact on the retailer and consumer sector. There are challenges ahead for those who sell and purchase online, as the UK is awaiting to exit the EU. However, it isn’t all negative. On the 24th December the UK agreed on the terms of its future partnership with the European Union after intense negotiations.

In this article find out what online retailers can expect to face in the forthcoming months, as well as some guidelines for consumers and online shopping.

What will Brexit bring to retailers?


The UK will not leave the EU single market and customs union under the guidelines of the World Trade Organization. This means that from 1 January, there will be no additional charges for products (tariffs) or restrictions on the amount that can be exchanged (quotas) between the UK and the EU. However, border control will carry additional checks, so companies which depend on the transport of goods to and from the EU will need to get ready. They will have to be fill out customs documents as Great Britain wants to follow its own trade policy rather than enter into a customs union with the EU.


What will Brexit bring to consumers?


On 31 December, Brexit is coming and it will have an influence on your rights as a consumer when shopping from an EU based website. Here are some tips when buying products in online shops:

  • You should buy from reliable and trustworthy sellers. This means doing some research beforehand by checking the retailer’s social media and reviews pages.
  • Moreover, check that the website is secure. It is advisable to check the website’s terms and conditions to make sure that you can replace or return the product if necessary.
  • Additionally, if you are purchasing items from an EU based store check details regarding any additional VAT or customs charges.



Customer satisfaction in times of uncertainty

Looking on the bright side, e-commerce has been thriving in the recent years as consumers  increasingly prefer online shopping and make fewer trips to shops. More than ever our company is aware that this trend requires an even more customer-centric approach. We are doing our best to face new challenges and continue to deliver high quality customer service. If you have any questions related to product placement, parcel deliveries or refund, our customer service will be happy to assist you.






Black Friday – Christmas shopping made easy

What is your first thought when you hear the words Black Friday? – Shop till you drop. It’s raining discounts everywhere. We are literally enticed with Black Friday ads. So, what do we do? – Go shopping – of course. This tradition originates from the USA and has spread to Europe in recent years. It is the first Friday following Thanksgiving, the fourth Friday in November. This year it falls on 27th November. On this day, the Christmas shopping season unofficially starts. It’s swarming with special deals. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Black Friday in Germany

It is no different in Germany. The term was firstly used in Germany in 2013. By 2017, more than 80% of all Germans had heard about this day and nowadays almost everyone knows what this term means. In contrast to the USA, most discounts in Germany are offered online instead of in local shops. While in the USA the night before Black Friday people would wait in lines in front of the shops, Germans would sit in the comfort of their own homes in front of their computers. Those who prefer to shop in person are likely to find the right offers in the shops without worrying of being trampled over.

We associate the term exclusively with special offers, discounts and shopping. But where does the term actually come from?

Why is it called Black Friday?

Even though it is not completely clear where the term comes from, there are several theories about its origin. Here are the most common ones:


·        Stock market crash in 1929

The term was coined in the financial sector and refers to the biggest stock market crash in history. It took place on October 24, 1929 in New York. October 24th was Thursday, but due to the time difference, the stock market crash in Europe fell on the next day and thus became “Black Friday”. This day doesn’t have much to do with the well-known Black Friday packed with special deals and heavy discounts.

·        Retailers are getting out of the red

Another theory is based on the belief that on the day after Thanksgiving, retailers were making sales so large that they went from red to black and actually made profit. This theory is also just an idea of how the term was derived, and it is probably just that – an idea.

·        Philadelphia 1966

The most common and probable theory behind the name takes us back to the American city of Philadelphia in 1966. On the Friday following Thanksgiving the term was for the first time used to refer to shopping. The police used the words “Black Friday” to describe the chaos that prevailed on the streets of the city that day. As so many people had a day off, they used it to do their Christmas shopping. The traditional football match on the following Saturday only contributed to the chaos. Both events caused heavy traffic congestion on the streets and afterwards the police officers, who had to work overtime, called this day “Black Friday”. Over the years this term has spread, firstly to the USA and then all over the world. Nowadays it is a synonym for bargains.

To sum up

Regardless of where the term comes from, this day is a great opportunity to shop for bargains in the comfort of your home. Especially these days when we are thinking about our health and have to be responsible and respect social distancing. Special offers are now not only valid for 24 hours, but for up to a week. This is also the case with most retailer shops this year – there is a Black offer week! So what could be better than buying your Christmas presents online and avoiding all the stress shopping? Christmas shopping without the hustle and bustle, which is not that bad. Add a glass of wine and a massage to the atmosphere and you get pure perfection!




What do you think about Black Friday deals ? Leave your comment.






Posture: What does it actually say about us?

You are entering into a conference room and at first glance you scan the body posture of all the participants. You have already made the first impression of every single person. They didn’t even have to say a word.

First impression is subconsciously mapped into our brain and it’s hard to change. We have to ask ourselves how we can use our body language to influence others and why. What’s more, how can we improve our first impression?

Good posture is not only important for creating first impressions, but for our health as well.

The impact of posture on health

As soon as people started walking upright three to four million years ago, our spine started adjusting to this new position. Over the years our spine, when seen from the side, developed gentler curves in the shape of the letter S, which was retained until today. Even though this spine position provided greater flexibility, it has significant drawbacks: our spine is prone to injuries and tension. Bad posture is a frequent cause of these health problems.


How is bad posture developed?

Nowadays we spend a lot of time in front of our computer screen, which greatly affects our posture. For those who aren’t familiar with this posture: leaned forward, your shoulders pulled towards your chest, the dorsal side of your hand turned upwards… for 8 hours. Consequences: headache, neck pain, back pain and bad mood. Exercises and regular physical activity can encourage correct posture. What’s more, while sitting we could support our spine. Lumbar support is the right choice for this.


What is lumbar support?

As it was mentioned before, a healthy spine has an S-shaped curve. In medicine lumbar spine is considered to be the lower part of the spine. Lumbar support is an ergonomic support for your back. It supports your spine and relieves tension in the lower back. Lumbar support can be used in various everyday situations: in the office, car, at home. It is particularly efficient during prolonged sitting periods or long drive. Lumbar support may encourage good posture and reduce neck and back pain.


The impact of our body language on others

Body posture greatly affects your body language. Nonverbal communication is the first thing people notice, and we all tend to give a good first impression. We can change that.

What kind of an impression do we give?

In order to give a good first impression correct sitting and standing posture is important. It means a straight back, shoulders pulled back, stomach pulled in. This posture implies self-confidence, competence and is perfect for everyday activities, as well as for those situations when you are in focus, such as in job interviews, conferences or video calls. On these occasions we find ourselves in the sitting position so our posture is equally important whether we sit or stand. Unfortunately, we often forget about our posture, especially while we are are sitting. We loosen up, our back and stomach muscles relax and we end up slouching.

How can we encourage ourselves to sit up straight?

In this case sport can be really helpful. Strengthening your stomach and back muscles might help us to sit up straight. We could also use the lumbar support. Lumbar support does not only ease back and neck pain, but it also reminds us to sit in the upright position so we could give a good and confident first impression.


We  can conclude that posture has a big impact on our body language. Since nonverbal communication makes up more than a half of our entire communication it is crucial for giving a good first impression, especially in important situations. As we already know, regular exercises and physical activity help us improve our posture. However, a bit of cheating is always allowed, particularly if it’s good for us. Lumbar support is definitely good for our back.

How important is good posture in a job interview? Post a comment!


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