Free time and relaxation – how to make the most of it?

Each and every one of us has a different perception of what free time and relaxation is. Many will think of the inseparable trio – the sun, beach and the sea, while the others will be thinking of either mountain resorts, city breaks or food tasting tours. However, in recent years a growing number of travel agencies reoriented towards creating a new type of holidays suitable for all age groups, so called activity holidays. At the same time, according to the latest research, it is much better to take a few shorter breaks during the year than just go on one longer summer holiday. Besides the opportunity to experience different things, we are giving our body a chance to physically and mentally regenerate.

Outdoor activity breaks – recharge your batteries

To put it simply, an activity holiday is considered to be any holiday that involves spending free time in nature and taking part in different organized physical activities or sports. The aim of such a break is to help your body get rid of accumulated stress and toxins. After each physical activity we are supposed to feel relaxed, refreshed and regenerated.

Some of the most common summer activities  are certainly cycling, hiking, mountaineering and horse riding. In winter skiing and snowboarding are among the most popular.  Whitewater rafting is also gaining popularity in recent years. Adrenaline addicts, adventure lovers and even hedonists are opting for organized activity tours down the whitewater rapids with experienced skippers. Let us not not forget to mention canoeing and kayaking, onto the rivers, lakes or the sea.

It is extremely important to treat muscle soreness after each outdoor activity. Experts recommend stretching and muscle relaxation after strenuous exercises. Not only do swimming in thermal water or a gentle massage perfectly accompany any type of training, they are a good recipe for complete enjoyment.

Wellness and spa centres

For some of us the real holiday is nothing more than pure relaxation. The first association to the word relaxation are spas, thermal water and massage. The benefits and healing effects of massage therapy have been known for ages. Nowadays these effects are even more highly appreciated when stress, hustle and bustle of everyday life and daily hectic schedule do not leave enough time for proper relaxation. We can treat ourselves to regular massages which can be quite an inexpensive option if you happen to live near a spa or hotel. It only takes a bit of time and good will. A good company is always a plus, but it is not necessary for a complete zen experience.

A quiet evening at home with your favourite book or film

For the majority of people the idea of a perfect break would be a quiet night at home in the company of a good book or a film, a cup of tea or a glass of wine, especially if you don’t have too much spare time.

Besides reading, it is also possible to do some kind of meditation or breathing exercises for a whole body regeneration. Let us remember that happiness lies in the little things and that it is usually at your fingertips.

Anytime anywhere

No matter whether you are a thrill-seeker or just love to dedicate some time to yourself and your wellbeing, the goal we all have is probably the same –  indulge in a pleasant activity and recharge for the upcoming challenges.

Unfortunately, we are well aware of the fact that in the time to come we will not always have time nor conditions for outdoor activities or sports. However, this certainly does not mean that we should completely give up on them. The benefits of relaxation and proper rest can be achieved in other ways as well. One of them is definitely the use of electric massagers, especially the cordless ones. Our choice is Donnerberg cordless neck massager, which you can use literally anytime anywhere.

You will be enjoying shiatsu massage in the comfort of your home, when travelling, even camping, in the office, after a workout…whenever and wherever you want. Charge the battery and take the massager with you to a new adventure.  It can be your ideal travel companion and will certainly help you recharge your batteries. The positive effects will always be the same – a smile on your face after complete relaxation!

What about you? How do you prefer spending your free time? What helps you relax and de-stress?

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Corona quarantine: staying at home and shopping online

For people in quarantine, the corona virus is changing the habit of shopping, from necessary grocery store shopping it has become a favorite to shop online. The delivery companies promise all-round safe shopping experience care at the click of a mouse, an alternative for everyone who stay at home more or less voluntarily to avoid contact with others.

Shopping around the clock

The advantages of online shopping go beyond the accessibility of a store or the transport of goods. Sure, online shopping is convenient, no stairs, no barriers, no traffic jams, no search for a parking space, no waiting at the cash register and no crowds. In addition, online shopping also enables 24/7 shopping. The selection in online shops offers more choice than in store and within a few clicks you can also compare online prices. While one needs the help of the sales staff for questions in a store, information is also available online via product descriptions or feedback from other customers.

Mobile shopping as a growth driver

More and more consumers are making their purchases via the Internet and online shopping is becoming very important part of economy and increase in sales can be expected in this sector in the coming years. Online shopping is driven by accessibility of mobile shopping via tablet or smartphone and at this time we can benefit from convenient online shopping.


Caution is advised

The trend towards online shopping has been around for a long time and the situation caused by the corona virus could accelerate the development even more and to avoid the spread of virus almost everything can be delivered to your door. You should be aware of the few lurking traps. Since the Internet is unfortunately also a popular playground for dubious providers, you should be careful and keep your eyes open. It is therefore worth asking some questions such as: Can you trust the provider? Is there a cancellation option? Which payment option is safe? If you do not yet know a provider when shopping online, it is important to check the reliability. The imprint and the terms and conditions can help, which should be found on the homepage of the provider.

The trend towards online shopping has been around for a long time and the situation caused by the corona virus could accelerate the development even more. Because you can have almost everything delivered to your door. But there are a few traps lurking over there. Since the Internet is unfortunately also a popular playground for dubious providers, you should be careful and keep your eyes open. It is therefore worth asking some questions such as: Can you trust the provider? Is there a cancellation option? Which payment option is safe? If you do not yet know a provider when shopping online, it is important to check the reliability. The imprint and the terms and conditions, which should be found on the homepage of the provider, help. They should provide clues as to who you are dealing with at all. If this data is missing, then do not trust this seller and avoid the purchase.


Certified online shops

Safety is also provided by security, by certified members of the online trade association in Europe, such as those of the German Retailer Association. In addition to data security, the certified individual criteria also include price transparency, shipping and additional costs, availability and customer service or the right of withdrawal and return.

So online shopping is not just easy and quick, but also the security aspect is given great attention by reputable providers. The growth curve will rise in the coming years and the triumphal march of e-commerce can no longer be stopped.

New Years resolutions – these 10 things really make sense

The New Year is coming. It is the time to think about New Year resolutions. We have a few suggestions for you that really make sense and will really help you.

1. Reserve one day a week for the family

If you ask old people what they regret the most, they will say, they didn’t spend enough time with the people they love. And we should take that to heart right now, because our loved ones will not always be with us. Plan a day with your family every week. Invite your parents for lunch, go out into nature with your children or go for a walk with your siblings.

2. Travel somewhere you have never been at least once a year

Paris, Dublin or Amsterdam? If you have never been there, it is right time to go! You will not only discover other cultures but will see a new side of yourself.

3. Read at least one book a month

You always plan to read more, but you never find the time? Does that sound familiar? We suggest to buy a smaller paperback edition book and always carry with you. You can make the most of your time during a day, few minutes at the bus stop or in local transport to read.

4. Change your diet

If you do not want to switch completely to organic products right away and cannot visit the weekly market regularly, you should at least try to eat seasonal and regional food. This means that when choosing fruit and vegetables, you should focus on the products that are in season. This way you help to preserve our environment because absurdly long transport routes are avoided, you eat fresh and healthy – and support your region.

5. Eat less meat and animal products

Consuming less milk, cheese, eggs and above all meat means less animal suffering and at the same time makes an important contribution to climate protection – and it can also be healthier for you. A diet with fewer animal products but of better quality can do a lot in the new year.

6. Exercise twice a week

It doesn’t always have to be the big goals. Instead of preparing for the next marathon or bikini competition, just start exercising 20 minutes twice a week. This can be a round of jogging in the city park, a yoga session at home or in the nearest gym, a short bike ride from work to home, or a few laps in the swimming pool around the corner.

7. Reduce stress with anti-stress massages

Do you often think that a massage would do you good, but hardly have time to find a suitable time for it? Then we have the right tip for you: With a neck massager you can reduce stress yourself and relieve tension in sore muscles.

8. Surprise your partner with small gifts

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, romance can fall by the sideway. Cook him his favorite meal, open a bottle of wine at dinner every now and then or pick him up from work. Your partner will appreciate small gestures of attention and may return the favor for you. You should never take the most important people for granted!

9. Learn to say “no” more often

With endless work deadlines, social engagements, family responsibilities and the hope for some self-care, it can feel like we’re in a constant battle with time. Learning to say no more often just might be the solution. Appreciating your need for some “me time” is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

10. Stop smoking

It is the classic among New Year’s resolutions: finally quit smoking. The harmfulness of smoking is one of the most discussed topics. That is why we do not want to repeat the well-known findings at this point. One thing is clear: almost every smoker has tried to quit smoking, but most have failed. Above all, if you really want to quit smoking, you have to change your attitude towards it.

Keep going!

You will definitely not regret stopping a vice or starting a good thing. The reward is important! Regardless of whether you set your own goal or have chosen a resolution from our list: If you have been successful for a few months, celebrate it – with a short vacation or a wellness day, for example. Self-praise also helps to keep the resolutions going. If you consciously perceive and appreciate what you have already achieved, strengthen yourself for the future.

We wish you a great New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year with your resolutions.

Running during winter – Stay fit and healthy during cold weather and snow

Many runners fear the cold season, icy temperatures, frozen ground and the early break of darkness. Running has many positive effects especially in winter. Running in freezing cold, over the first snow or in the autumn storm is a real challenge. You will be rewarded with lonely walks and an extra dose of energy. We have a few tips for you how to avoid risks when jogging in the cold.

Running in winter is fun

Anyone who has ever walked through a snowy landscape knows the fascination of a winter run. Walking through the silence opens up new horizons. Running in winter makes you happy: The short winter days and the associated lack of sunlight cause the production of serotonin, the good mood hormone, on a low profile. Anyone who jogs regularly boosts serotonin production. The result is more relaxation and better mood. In this way, you not only increase your jogging performance, but also prevent depression.

Fresh air makes your mind brighter: air stimulates the hormone and immune system. In summer, with humid weather and high ozone levels, many joggers run out of breath. At cooler temperatures, on the other hand, you can finally take a deep breath and run more effectively.

Tumbling down annoying weight: In order to protect yourself from the cold, our body stores more fat in winter. For this reason, we often have an appetite for hearty and high-calorie foods in cool temperatures.

Exercise (running) is a virus killer: if you spend all day in the warm office, you risk to catch a cold because the body needs the temperature differences to boost its defenses. Exercise in the fresh air stimulates the production of endogenous antibodies and is better suited than any other measure. Natural killer cells are activated, protecting your body from viruses and bacteria.

Running – a sport without limits: you do not need expensive equipment or a gym and bad weather does not exist. You can walk anytime, anywhere. However, if you find it difficult to gain some momentum, you should make an appointment with a friend or colleague, so running will soon become your routine.

5 tips for optimal jogging during cold weather:

1. Do not forget the warm-up

Keep yourself warm! Your muscles will eventually need a little longer this season to reach the optimal temperature. Only a warm muscle is a powerful muscle. In freezing temperatures, it is best to start the circulation and muscles in the warm room with a few gym exercises. Starting it slow and dosed. After the jogging you should stretch extensively in the warm. At very low minus temperatures protect the respiratory tract from drying out with a cloth or raised collar in front of the mouth. Inhaling icy air through the open mouth makes the airways more susceptible to colds. In the cold, therefore, the breathing through the nose is more desirable: it ensures a better warming of the respiratory air and thereby delays the cooling of the respiratory tract.

2. Change the step technique

If the trails are slightly slipperier, adjust your step technique: take shorter and flatter steps, focus on the footprint and landing stages. The steps should be gentle rather than strong. Pay attention to the volume when setting up: the quieter your feet are, the smoother, more effective and safer your running pace is. In fresh snow you usually have more grip than on trails where the snow is already crushed and icy ,run quietly through the deep snow and reduce your speed.

3. Drink enough water even in the cold

In winter, the thirst is usually lower than in summer. We are sweating less and need less to drink. The result is that our body does not have to be cooled down so much at low temperatures. And yet moisture evaporates without feeling it, and the inhaled air needs to be moistened and warmed up to get it up to body temperature. You should not neglect drinking, but trust your thirst.

4. Wear proper running clothes

When running, you will usually get warm quickly in the winter, you should dress in layers so that you may be able to take off a layer during the jogging and tie around a waist. The most exposed areas to the cold weather are hands and head. Since body heat is mostly lost over the head, wear hat or headband when the thermometer drops below five degrees. Also important are a warm trunk and a protected lumbar region. Trail running shoes with a grippy sole and a robust upper are also recommended for running in mud and snow. Do not forget sun protection cream!

5. No running if you catch a fever

A cold is an upper respiratory tract infection, often in combination with a runny nose, and / or coughing or sore throat, but it does not cause a fever. Also, the flu is an acute respiratory infection, followed by additional symptoms such as high fever, cervical, limb and joint pain and cough. Fever is the body’s reaction to inflammation and the body needs time to recover. Therefore, with flu and fever, exercise is absolutely no-no, and this at least until you recover.

Do not be afraid of running in the cold

The temperatures that you expect during winter cannot harm you. On the contrary, the temperature differences strengthen the immune system and promote blood circulation. The perceived temperature depends heavily on wind and humidity. On a dry, windless winter day, it is a lot more pleasant than a less cold, windy rainy weather. On such days, protect yourself with a running jacket with membrane against wind and rain.

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The muscle massager Sport Gun – Percussion massage- muscle pain relief

With the new SportGun muscle massager, Donnerberg is in the process of conquering the European market. Find out what this massager is all about and how it can help relieve your muscle aches.

What is special about SportGun muscle massager?

The muscle massager SportGun is a new way to loosen and relax the fascia. By fast, beating movements of a beating up and down, the desired areas of the body are massaged with short and sudden impulses. The sensory cells of the skin are thereby addressed, which ensure by the stimulus that muscles are relaxed and tensions reduced.

By treating the affected body parts with focused and high-frequency pressure pulses, the regeneration of the muscles is accelerated and improved. The circulation of various critical areas can be stimulated and thereby pain relief can occur. In addition, a gentle stretch is triggered, which in turn improves flexibility, performance and body reaction.

The outstanding feature of the new percussion massager SportGun is, in addition to its great user-friendliness and modern design, its strong performance. At the highest speed level, it enables a treatment of 3500 strokes per minute. The resulting 10 mm amplitude is ideal for percussion massages of the deep tissue.

The percussion massage energetically treats deep-lying muscle tissue, promotes blood circulation and oxygenation to various parts of the body, especially at the point in question. Muscle pain and cramps occurring after a workout are thereby alleviated and the self-healing powers of the body promoted.

Specifically, SportGun allows users to treat painful areas directly. Particularly helpful is the massager for complaints such as muscle soreness, fatigue, stiffening and so on. It can both shorten recovery times and contribute to faster healing after muscle injuries. In professional sports, it can complement physiotherapists and sports masseurs to prepare athletes for their training and to accelerate their recovery.

How to use SportGun correctly

There are a few things to keep in mind: Massage the areas to be loosened in the same place for a maximum of 1 minute to avoid over-stimulation or inflammation. Move the massager up and down the muscle in the direction of muscle movement, or circulate around the relaxing part of the body. Do not aim the device directly at the point of pain. The massage is carried out on the following parts of the body: the legs, the buttock muscles, arms, chest, shoulder and back muscles. The package includes six different attachments. For selective massage, the narrow attachments are recommended.

The SportGun massager model number SG-011 works wirelessly and is powered by a powerful Samsung battery. When it is fully charged, the battery life lasts about 5 hours, depending on the vibration frequency.

Who is the SportGun massager suitable for?


• Before exercise, SportGun helps you warm up and activate your muscles.

• During exercise it keeps the muscles active and improves performance.

• After training, SportGun can counteract the buildup of lactic acid.

For people who suffer from chronic pain and dysfunction in the shoulder area or a tennis elbow, the percussion massage can help in improving and recovering your muscle fibers. Even for those who just want to relax or relieve sore muscles, the massager is an ideal companion.

SportGun is a perfect device for athletes, people who suffer from muscle aches, or for those who just want to relax in their own home.

Ankle mobility exercises using the vibration plate

Our ankles are exposed daily to great stress. Our full body weight is supported by the ankle during standing and walking, making it the most heavily loaded joint in our body. The upper part of the ankle joint is responsible for the raising and lowering of the foot, the inward and outward rotation of our foot allows the lower part of the joint.

In acute phase injury of the ankle, treatment plays a crucial role in preventing discomfort such as recurring pain or instability.

In addition to the regular visit to the physiotherapist or doctor and wearing an ankle bandage or orthosis, you should also perform daily ankle mobility exercises. This will improve your flexibility and muscle strength at the same time and can stabilize your ankle.

With a little practice, you can give your hocks strength again. For this reason, an exercise program for the ankle is a meaningful supplement to the therapy at e.g. Ankle arthritis. Through targeted and gentle movement of the ankle, the supply of nutrients to the cartilage tissue and the blood flow to the vessels can be supported. At the same time, your musculature around the joint is strengthened, which relieves the joint and promises long-term relief of pain.

To be able to move easily, it is therefore important to provide for the strengthening of the ankle. Occurring symptoms in the foot only under stress, treatment in weight-bearing starting position often helps more than in a relaxed position.

Three simple exercises that can protect the foot

Strengthening – toe level

Turn on horizontal vibration on the vibration plate Multiplate 3D and stand hip-wide on it. Then push your feet upwards in a controlled manner until you are standing on the front ball of your toes and slowly lower your heel to the ground again. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

To increase this exercise, you can increase the speed of vibration by one level.

Agility – foot seesaw

Turn on the horizontal vibration on the vibration plate. Sit upright on a chair and place your feet on the vibration plate so that your hocks are in a vertical axis below your knees. Then alternately tiptoe on the toe and heel. Repeat the movement 15 times.

You can also perform this exercise in parallel on the right and left. Making your feet move in the opposite direction improving your coordination at the same time.

Stability – one-legged

The Multiplate 3D vibration plate vibrates again on a horizontal option. Stand with one knee slightly bent on one leg and hold this position for about 30 seconds. If the exercise is difficult for you, hold on to a stable object at the beginning. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

Supplementary movements, such as the raised leg or arms, increase the coordination requirement on your leg more intensively, making the exercise even more effective. This exercise is particularly important after ligament injuries in the ankle, as it trains not only strength but also balance and coordination.

*For all ankle mobility exercises- Please consult your doctor if the exercises are suitable for you or if during the exercises you are experiencing any discomfort.

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Vibration training for back pain

More and more people spend long hours sitting which leads to strain on the spine. With age, the susceptibility to back problems continues to increase. To reduce pain and to increase mobility, the vibration plate may be particularly suitable. With its versatile applications and effects, the vibration plate is a practical fitness device. In addition to reducing painful symptoms, the device also promotes muscle growth.

Vibration plate training leads to the relaxation of the back muscles

With the vibration training you can specifically combat back pain. In the therapeutic and medical field, oscillatory movements are used often. Medical * studies have found that the side-alternating mode of vibration plate for back problem is the most successful. During exercise, the pelvic movement of the pelvis produces a posture similar to running. This results in a reflex-controlled and rhythmic muscle contraction, which relaxes the muscles and counteracts back pain.

Since the affected muscle groups are not used for a long time, there may be limitations in mobility. Pain in the back can be relieved by movement and even muscle strain, as in vibration plate training.

Vibration plates training – simple and effective

Due to the lateral alternating movement of our Multiplate vibration plate, the triggered reflex muscle contractions can extend up to your back. The lateral alternation makes it possible for the musculature to tighten and relax laterally alternately.

The benefits of vibration training:

• Relaxation of tense muscles
• Gradual reduction of back pain
• Increased mobility in the neck, shoulder and back area
• Increased flexibility
• Improve posture
• Strengthening weak muscle structures
• Improve mobility, strength and endurance

When is the use of vibrating plates useful?

A regular training on the vibration plate strengthens the back and promotes the mobility of the back muscles. The exercisers should not just stand on the device, but move their body on the vibration plate. The vibration training reaches the low-lying muscles, which is not used in conventional training.

The use of a vibrating plate is nowadays an integral part of a back therapy in numerous rehabilitation clinics. For the following back problems, the use of the vibration plate is particularly useful:

• scoliosis
• postural
• Back pain after injuries or accidents
• Muscular hypertension
• Herniated disc (except in the acute phase)
• Degenerative diseases of the spine

The use of the compact vibrating plate is great as prevention and to strengthen the back muscles. Training strengthens ligaments and joints while improving flexibility and balance. The exercises on the vibration plate shape the body and stimulate calorie burning.

The vibration training is particularly gentle with side-alternating vibration (see-saw system), since the natural movement is mimicked but the load on the joints and just the disc is not minimal, similar to when running or jogging.

The vibration plate is suitable for disc problems

Vibration training can also help with disc problems (except in the acute phase!). The connective tissue intervertebral disc structures are a kind of buffer between the individual vertebral bodies. Due to years of inappropriate stress creates a high pressure on the intervertebral discs, which can express itself as a pain, up to the herniated disc. The vibration training promotes the elasticity and resilience of the intervertebral discs.

The improved muscle relaxation after a vibration plate training back pain are effectively and long-lasting alleviated. The regular movements cause an inhibition of the pain receptors. Only with pronounced back pain should the training be omitted temporarily. Experts recommend even training sessions to strengthen the back muscles. A high muscle performance has a strengthening effect on the muscles of the back and a higher stability of the spine.

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Vibration plate Multiplate® 3d – Vibration plate exercise

You often see vibration plate in gyms, wellness and rehabilitation centers and more often in the living room. Their appearance is a veritable refreshment in the fitness industry. Many sports and wellness enthusiasts of all genders and age groups have found it fun to be shaken up properly. The reason: the vibration training achieves maximum training success with minimal effort and time.

The vibration plate Multiplate® 3D works with three movement possibilities (from right to left, oscillating-seesaw and both in combination – right-left and seesaw).The muscles are trained intensively, without any special body movement. Certain exercises and movements allow you to treat different parts of the body. During the training process, your muscles are working under vibration, which causes the muscle to build up.

The two 500-watt motors (AC motors) are the core of the Multiplate® 3D providing the strength and quality of vibration to deliver the best results. They bring better performance and are extremely quiet, virtually noiseless. This is especially important if you want to use the plate at unusual times of day or night.

Vibration training – effect on the muscles and bones

The outgoing vibrations of the Multiplate® evoke stretching reflexes in the muscles, which ensure that movements are compensated. The vibration process triggers a reflex counteracting of the musculature, whereby the muscles unconsciously and constantly contract and relax. In this way faster and more effective training results are guaranteed with Multiplate® 3D. Energetic muscle work increases energy release, which boosts fat burning and calorie loss. In addition, the vibrating plate enhances your blood circulation, coordination and flexibility. Another bonus of the vibration effect during vibration training – is the prevention and loss of cellulite. 10 minutes of training a day on the vibrating plate could greatly benefit your body.

Regular training of the deep-set back muscles thus contributes to a better posture and prevents back pain. In addition to the effects on the musculature, an effect on the bones has to be proven. Osteoporosis has become a common disease – with an upward trend. It has long been known that the quality and quantity of the bone structure depends on the pressure and tensile forces of the bone surrounding musculature. The bone density is increased by the vibration training.
Why the vertical vibration system is not integrated in Multiplate® 3D?

In the vertically vibrating system, the vibration plate moves up and down. The body tries to correct the vertical-level balance disorder using the muscles. In the first-place muscle power is promoted and the muscles are trained. That’s why you can find them in many gyms. The endeavor of the body in every vibration training is to maintain the head balance and this is exactly where the disadvantage of the vertical system lies – exercises are not carried out correctly, the head and spine are heavily loaded by the vibrations.

Only part of the forces generated by vertical vibration can be absorbed by the upper ankle, knee and hip. Forces that are not dampened up to this point, continue to enter the spine, from where they act in on the head. That can lead to unpleasant irritations. Many manufacturers of such vibrating plates advertise at high frequencies over 30 Hz and more, although the muscle fibers can no longer react at this speed. The muscles stretch uncontrollably and positive coordinative effects are prevented. Also, the back muscles are not trained significantly, as in contrast to the see saw system (see below) the tipping effect on the pelvis is missing.

Vibration systems of the vibrating plate Multiplate® 3D

The see saw (side alternating vibration)

In the so-called see saw system, as the name implies, a bobbing motion is generated. This vibration is characterized by the fact that it adapts to the movements of the user. The results of the training can therefore be achieved particularly quickly. The natural stimulation of the seesaw system brings together a variety of muscles to compensate for the forced movement.

Even at low frequencies up to 15 Hz, the side-alternating stimulation trains more muscle groups. In fall-prone patients, e.g. Whole-body vibration therapy based on the see saw principle can support physiotherapy. Depending on the response of the body, the amplitude is gradually increased. As a measure of the dosage of the vibration serve the forces acting on the head. The smaller they are, the better. The exerciser should be able to see clearly and speak during training.

The horizontal vibration (from left to right)

The horizontally oscillating system with its low frequencies has a circulation-promoting effect. This, in turn, improves fluid drainage while providing a massage effect and deep relaxation. Tension, which is often caused by stress, can be relaxed. Above all, it promotes mobility in fall-prone patients. In addition, only in the seesaw and horizontal system (see below) does an equilibrium reaction of the body occur. The amplitude is decisive for the dosage of the vibration.

Simple exercises promote blood circulation in the joints and gradually strengthen the joint muscles. For people with mobility impairments who want to maintain their sense of balance and flexibility, training with horizontal vibrations is also suitable. Posture is improved by stimulating the muscles that support the joints. In the end, the risk of injury from falls can be reduced. Especially patients with poor coordination, poor muscle performance, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and poor endurance can benefit from the see saw system.

3D vibration – a combination of side-alternating vibration and horizontal vibration

In this mode the Multiplate® 3D vibrates on both systems, side up and down left and right. As a result, virtually all muscle groups in the body are activated and intensively trained. The effectiveness in building muscle and improving the whole-body condition is significantly higher than with only one vibration. Targeted fitness training in this vibration mode can consume up to 100 calories in five to ten minutes. The calorie consumption additionally depends on the speed level and the duration of the workout.

General exercise sequences cause as in the horizontal and See saw system, among other things, the increase in muscle strength and bone density, pain relief and prevention, muscle relaxation, stimulation of the nerves, and increasing the mobility of the body, just a little more intense. During training, coordinative abilities in the context of a therapy, e.g. to be trained after an accident. 3D vibrations with high frequencies are excluded because tendons and ligaments are more heavily loaded during horizontal movement.

The biggest advantage of the Multiplate® 3D is the possibility to choose between 4 different training programs – three pre-set, one automatic and one manual. In manual mode, you can switch between the three different vibration systems, as well as change the time and intensity of the workout as desired. Thus, you can make the training routine a varied workout. If you want to improve your balance and strength, choose the right-to-left movement. And if you are finally tired of doing the same exercises, you can challenge yourself by choosing 3D mode. This makes the Multiplate® 3D a perfect device for every age group. The vibrating plate Multiplate® 3D guarantees effective training.

For more motivation, you can make use of the built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can pair it with your smartphone and listen to your favorite music during the workout.

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Anxiety – causes and how massage can help

Generalized anxiety disorders (GAS) determine the everyday life of many people. The symptoms are irritability, restlessness, worry . Not only does the disease have a negative impact on the quality of life, it also affects the well-being of those affected – a constant feeling of fatigue, insomnia, tension, headaches and gastrointestinal illnesses.

What are the causes?

Often the causes of anxiety disorders are in the past and have to do with an event and a very connected feeling, which we consciously or unconsciously repressed. Every time this feeling rises in us, we fight against it by trying to suppress it. We do not want to lose control and are slowly but surely building an inner wall between us and this unpleasant feeling.

Over time, other negative feelings, such as hopelessness, resignation or anger, also join. Suddenly we are no longer dealing with a repressed feeling, but with a whole heap of emotions, all coupled to the feeling of the past. At some point, the inner wall no longer holds – it breaks in and you get a panic attack or anxiety attacks that strike you out of nowhere.

Can anxiety cause neck pain?

Through our everyday language it becomes clear that our neck is the weak point of our body. From the vernacular, we know that you “risk your head and neck” or something that can “break your neck”, etc. The complete communication between our brain and our body actually runs along our spine through the cranial nerves. Only if everything is in order, the information exchange between “body and mind” flows undisturbed.

Anxiety might be one of the causes of neck pain and tension. Stress tends to accumulate in the upper back and shoulders and can spread to the neck area causing severe pain. However, there are other causes of neck pain, as well. Neck pain often occurs in a cervical vertebral trauma due to accidents at home, on the road or playing sports. In the neck, blood vessels that are trapped by a wrong movement can no longer optimally supply the brain with nutrients and oxygen. The consequences are perception disorders, difficulty concentrating and tiredness. Also, irritations of the brain nerves can arise in such an accident. A whole series of symptoms occur in such a case. These include:

(1) Numbness in arms or hands;
(2) Headache;
(3) Stuffy nose;
(4) Increased occurrence of dizziness or nausea;
(5) Frequent ingestion;
(6) Shoulder and neck pain;
(7) Sleeping disorders;
(8) The urge to empty the bladder frequently.

When the nerve is irritated by our “Nervus Sympathicus” escape impulses, the symptoms typical of anxiety are: palpitations, fast breathing, high blood pressure, excessive sweating, and heart stumbling.

Which massage is best for anxiety?

Researchers from America treated 47 patients with anxiety in a treatment study evenly over a period of six weeks, twice a week with massage therapies. The massage techniques included slow, rhythmic, continuous stroking, slow, rhythmic kneading of the underlying muscles and tapotement – various forms of percussive touching / knocking.

As assumed before the study started, the tapping massage can help with anxiety and generally have a positive effect on the symptoms. The patients used a scale to indicate the severity of their psychological fears and their physical effects. Based on this data, the scientists were able to show how the well-being of the patients gradually improved.

Massage affects the immune system and the release of stress hormones that differ from those that people with anxiety disorders experience. Nearly half of patients with anxiety disorder use complementary or alternative therapies. Unfortunately, less is known about the effectiveness of these methods. However, it has been proven that with regular use, massage can be considered as an effective alternative, in combination with the usual therapeutic measures.

Have you had any experience with anxiety disorders? Post your comment in the section below.

Silence for a healthy brain- What happens when calm returns

Silence means “losing yourself in your own thoughts”. However, this has become a rare condition in many people’s lives. In the office there is a rush, phones ringing and in the evening you take care of the screaming children. Even at home, one hears too often the noise of the outside or the sounding of TV in the living room. There is almost never rest. When was the last time you spent a few minutes or even hours in complete silence – alone, without doing some tasks or digital entertainment? Even in their free time, most people no longer endure the silence. It is actually important in many ways.

Why people avoid the silence?

Silence used to be the norm, but noise was an exception. At night and sometimes during the day, there was absolute peace. From time to time one heard a bird sing or a thunder storm or the peaceful silence of nature. Nowadays, that is exactly the opposite. Most people are really stressed by the constant noise level. The sufferers do not notice this anymore – they have become accustomed to the noise and the stress. The sad thing is that many people consciously avoid silence. But why is that?

Quite simply: noise is distraction and you cannot think. Because if they came to think, many people would realise that they are actually anything but happy with their lives, that their needs defer, desires and values or to feel completely lost. All these unpleasant feelings and thoughts can be displaced by constant occupation or constant noise. So, noise is a welcome distraction from deepening in oneself.

Why is silence so important?

Silence means holiday for the brain and thus also for your stress-plagued body. Only by taking regular breaks you can recharge your resources and find your way back to yourself. Fortunately, thanks to trends such as yoga or meditation, the meaning of silence is currently returning to the focus of western society, where it has long been forgotten. There is nothing wrong with that. But silence should become an integral part of your life and not just a unique change from the usual fun.

Silence has a positive effect on the brain

The brain “grows” in silence not only metaphorically, as more brain areas are released. Researchers were able to identify in 2013 as part of their study “Is silence golden? To find out that with daily silence, new cells grow in the brain region of the hippocampus – that is, in the area that is responsible for the “hippocampal neurogenesis” effects of auditory stimuli and their absence on adult hippocampal neurogenesis memory and the ability to learn is responsible.

Why silence is important to the brain:

1. Silence reduces the stress hormones
2. Silence promotes physical health
3. Silence allows self-reflection
4. Silence increases the comprehension
5. Silence promotes concentration
6. Silence makes the brain grow
7. Silence makes you creative

Tips for more silence in everyday life

Ignoring your body’s alarms will sooner or later have health consequences. So, you have good reasons to include more breaks in your everyday life. Here are some tips:

1. Schedule the silence in your appointment planner! Especially stressed people, who rush from one appointment to another, should plan fixed time rests. The silence should be part of your daily routine. Check every day, when you have time for ten, 15- or 30-minutes, rest and schedule this appointment in your calendar.

2. Turn off electronic devices! Even less drastic measures can help you reduce the noise level in your everyday life – for example, the “off” button on your electronic devices. Switch off your smartphone, computer and TV in the evening and read a book instead or gather your thoughts while lying down.

3. Set up a rest room! If you have enough space in your home or apartment, set up a rest room. Leave the telephone, TV outside, close the door behind you and set a clear rule with your family members that you must not be disturbed in the rest room.

4. Meditate! In this quiet room, you can meditate regularly. Just five to ten minutes a day can be enough to feel the positive effects of silence and meditation in everyday life.

5. Live uncoordinated! If you prefer to get up early or late in the morning and your job allows for that, you’re still living acyclic. The more you live against the rhythm of society, the quieter your everyday life becomes. Unfortunately, but also more complicated! An acyclic life rhythm should therefore be well balanced and well thought out.

6. Buy earplugs! This simple trick is especially effective at night. Ear plugs can help to block out disturbing noises, such as snoring, and instead find restful sleep. So, you can optimally recharge your resources and start fresh in the new day.

7. Relax on vacation! Lastly, you should of course also come to rest on holiday. You do not necessarily have to go to the Ballermann in Mallorca or to New York to spend your free time there. How about a quiet stretch on beach, a cabin in the mountains or just a spa hotel with a relaxation room and relaxation massages?

At some point, you will get used to the new silence in your life and then probably notice how annoying the constant noise is.

What tip do you have for more peace in everyday life? Do you have a relaxing holiday destination to recommend? What positive effects has the silence brought you? We look forward to your contributions to the topic in the comment box bellow!

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Sustainability -its importance and focus of our company

Sustainability is a topic that has always been emphasised as an integral part of our company. More important than short-term profit is our long-term approach to remain successful on the market for many years. The equivalence of social commitment, economy and ecology is part of our daily work. With the right attitude we are able to define and epitomise sustainability.

We live sustainability

Donnerberg is a high-standard manufacturer of wellness products. We strive to improve and evolve every day. As one of the German market leaders in the sale of neck and back massagers, we have deliberately opted for an external sustainability contribution. Donnerberg takes pride in our involvement specifically with SOS Children’s Village (Kinderdorf e.V). With every product purchased, you support the sustainability of our company, our commitment to social, ecological, and economic environment.

The goals of Donnerberg in the field of sustainability are the following:

handling carefully the environment, recycling, high durability and long usability of the products, the use of environmentally and health-friendly materials and materials and the rational use of energy. The implementation of these goals means demanding, detailed, and continuous work. Many of you have already noticed our focus on sustainability, and have welcomed it warmly. And we are still in the process of learning and improving. Donnerberg team is constantly working to become even more ‘’sustainable and green’’.

For instance, our new product, Premium neck massager with rechargeable  battery has a rechargeable and durable battery with 800 charging cycles. We do our utmost to minimize the burden on the environment with our work and positive impact on our planet. All of our sustainability initiatives are built on our plan to maintain a healthy and socially equitable society: fair businesshealthy planet, and better community.

When did we first hear about sustainability?

Sustainability means, in the original sense of the word, “holding effect for a long period”. This definition is rooted in the practice of forestry and was first used in the German language in the sense of a “long-term responsible use of resources’’ by Hans Carl von Carlowitz in his work ” Silvicultura Oeconomica “in 1713.”

The “sustainable management of the forests” prevents excessive logging and ensures the natural regeneration of the forest. This means that the amount that can regrow is the amount of trees taken from forests. Originally called “sustainable yield”, the term “sustainability” came back to Germany in the 1970s as a result of the ecology movement.

“Sustainability” has long since overtaken forestry and is found today in many other areas of life.

How to bring sustainability into your everyday life

Help us make our ecosystem worth living for the benefit of our children and future generations. It is important that you become aware of parts of sustainable lifestyle. In addition to environmental aspects such as the reduction of CO2 emissions and the conservation of natural resources, social values such as fair trade and compliance with social standards are also extremely important. Also, environment influencing factors include efficiency, meaning, life span and regionality of a product.

UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development

Each one of us, through our own actions, can choose sustainability and pursue sustainable lifestyle:


• Purchase of used goods: e.g. in second-hand shops
• Always select the highest energy efficiency class for appliances
• Fair trade of eco-textiles
• Ecological detergents
• Avoid unnecessary products, such as fragrance sprays
• Select eco packaging (or with ecological packaging)
• Buy durable items
• Reusable or paper bags instead of plastic ones


• Choose organic products
• Buy food with the Fairtrade quality label


• Avoid throwing food in the trash
• Use leftovers to make another meal
• Reusable products instead of disposable
• Choose Organic drinks, made out of local fruit and vegetable juices
• Avoid waste
• Separate waste


• Save energy through thermal insulation
• Select low washing temperatures for dishwasher and washing machine
• Do not use power guzzlers
• Switch off devices when not in use


• Walk or bike short distances
• Change to public transportation
• Buy cars with low fuel consumption or alternative drives


• Use laptops, they use less power than PCs
• Save paper: Print on both sides in black and white instead of one-sided in colour
• Use recycled paper

Sustainability for a better future

The biggest challenge for the future is to change existing consumption and production patterns in such a way that a decent life is made possible for future generations.

How do you make our planet a better place? Share with us!


The Joy of Missing Out- The freedom of disconnection


The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) defines a satisfaction that occurs when breaking away from digital technology such as smartphones and computers, and social media. The opposite from JOMO, “FOMO”, denotes the fear of missing out on something when disconnected from the Internet and social medial.

The generation of the so-called “Millennials” “Generation-Y” and “Generation Z” are known to have grown together with smartphones and to spend majority of the day on the social media networks, especially on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. According to tech-critics, social media has far-reaching and long-term consequences on its users.

FOMO phenomenon

A prominent phenomenon of our society, FOMO (“Fear of missing out”), indicates the fear that some individuals may experience when missing out on events seen on social media. As defined by Cambridge English Dictionary, FOMO stands for “a worried feeling that you may miss exciting events that other people are going to, especially caused by things you see on social media “. FOMO has become a synonymous for aimless browsing through the social media news feed. No wonder that in the end, we actually end up missing out on our real life due to all the virtual requests.

The new trend against social media addiction

One secretly hopes for each upcoming summer to be the best summer so far. And, of course, you want to keep your followers on the social media updated on your summer fun. However, according to New York Times this could ruin your best time of the year. That is why they introduce FOMO’s “younger cousin” JOMO, which is short of “Joy of missing out”.

Goodbye FOMO!

Finding gratification in missing out on some events and taking a break from your phone may significantly help you free yourself from the Internet and smartphone addiction! Even the big tech giants, such as Apple, have introduced initiatives and new features in the past few months, such as Screen Time, a feature which tracks the amount of time iPhone users spend on their devices.

Often, leaving the smartphone in flight mode or just leaving it at home is beneficial simply for the sake of peaceful mind and a chance to fully enjoy the beautiful moments and indulging in a relaxation massage without being disturbed by beeping messages from your smartphone – that means JOMO.

Above all, it means you don’t feel a need to follow every trend- you don’t feel obligated to visit the Mediterranean, Paris and Barcelona in 14 days and post on social media about your trip. JOMO means feeling happy on your apartment’s balcony drinking your favourite smoothie.

We wish you a nice summer!

If you have experiences on the subject, write to us about it!

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Cleopatra’s beauty tips – Natural cosmetics of today

Cleopatra – Her sight was so enchanting that even the coldest misogynist could not resist her. Cleopatra owed her beauty not only to mother nature, but also to donkey milk, lipstick, kohl eyeliner and eyeshadow.

We would like to introduce you to Cleopatra’s beauty rituals and how you can benefit from them. Cleopatra’s tips can easily be incorporated into your daily beauty routine. And best of all: They are absolutely natural and extremely cheap!

Make-up for everyone

Even before the construction of the first pyramids, there was a sophisticated cosmetics industry in Egypt to meet the spiritual and ritualistic lifestyle. Physical purity and hygiene where very important to the Egyptians. Even the common people were committed to personal hygiene.

Daily washing and creaming for disinfection and protection from the sun was therefore a must. Kohl eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and rouge were of great importance in ancient Egypt. Even men wore makeup regularly, sometimes even more intensively than their wives. The make-up had mostly hygienic and medical reasons and served to protect against insects, sand stimulus and sunlight.

Honey mask for skin and hair

With honey masks Cleopatra daily moisturizes her face. Honey gives the skin valuable organic substances, vitamins and minerals. Even today, women from Egypt rely on lukewarm honey as a moisturizer for the face. A honey mask softens brittle facial skin, it gives the lips new elasticity.

For that, spread three tablespoons of honey on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. A honey mask also gives the skin a lot of moisture and makes it look fresh. Honey hair mask is also recommended: mix two tablespoons of honey with one egg yolk and 100 ml of olive oil. Apply this mask to your hair and rinse thoroughly after ten minutes.

Milk bath for velvety skin

Cleopatra owed her flawless soft skin to baths in fresh donkey’s milk. Since most people do not have a donkey’s milk nowadays, cow milk can also be used. The milk balances the pH of the skin well and the minerals and vitamins help with their regeneration.

For a milk bath, add one to two liters of whole milk (3.5% fat) to the bathwater. Your skin will become softer and smoother after the relaxation bath. In the milk bath for your hands put two cups of milk and two tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl. Soak your hands in them for about ten minutes.

The Halva paste – oriental hair removal

Just as today, even in ancient Egypt smooth and delicate skin without hair was considered hygienic and beautiful. For hair removal, paste of sugar, lemon juice and vegetable oil where used. Before applying the paste, the skin should be dry and oil free.

Apply the paste with a spoon and press it with a cotton cloth to the skin. Against the direction of hair wax, pull off the cloth again. The halva paste is extremely compatible with the skin, since it consists only of natural elements. Therefore, it is also very suitable for depilation of the bikini area and underarms.

The Cleopatra abdominal massage

In ancient Egypt, the belly was considered the center of life. The Egyptian belly dance is still highly valued today as an expression of self-confident sensuality. The massage has been around since ancient Egyptian mythology and has lost nothing of its fascination to this day.

The Cleopatra massage is introduced by a pleasant warm wrap and a short full body massage for relaxationMassager with tapping and heat stimulates the life energy. Inner peace and harmony spreads through the body and relieves tension. The blood circulation of the internal organs is activated and the abdominal reflex zones are stimulated.

Time for a massage – time for yourself!

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Create at-home spa following these simple steps

Create wellness and spa at home following these simple and easy steps, which also make an excellent alternative to expensive spa facilities, have never been more affordable and convenient.  

If you want to do something good for your body and mind without leaving your home, follow our recommended steps to make a blissful at-home wellness. Prepare your personal wellness oasis.

Warm water with fragrant oils in a bathtub, foam and masks will make you relaxed and happy.

Due to rapid decrease of free time, many of us experience stress and do not have time for a wellness vacation ( Often, such short trips can also be extremely expensive. But you can make DUY wellness and spa treatments, that are cheap and easy. Invest in scented candles and bath bombs and create your own little spa centre at home.

Our 5 simple steps to create at-home spa:

Fill up your bathtub. Laying in the bathtub may help you relieve stress, tension and bad mood. The warm water will prepare you for a peaceful night of sleep. But beware! – After only 20 minutes, the water deprives the skin of its own moisture, so make sure not to overstay in the bathtub!

Add nourishing bath additives in the water so that your skin does not dry out too much. Not only that this will make the bath good for your skin, but the bath will also smell good. Delicate fragrances affect the limbic system in the brain and benefit your well-being. For example, vanilla flavor releases happiness hormones in the body. If you prefer essential oils, put a few drops in the tub. In this manner, the effect of substances on the skin pores will be even more intense.

• Bath bombs, which add colour to the water are beneficial for your body. The colour in the water should also influence the emotional state: green provides harmony and relaxation, yellow provides warmth, orange energy and blue will vitalise your body like a fresh breeze.

• Use the time in the bathtub for peeling and facial mask. Dead skin cells are easier to remove in the water. When heated, these substances are even more easily absorbed by your skin.

• Depending on the skin type, you can apply a body lotion, body cream or oil after your bath. Oils and moisturizing lotions are ideal for applying and massaging your skin, providing additional relaxing effect. Natural vegetable oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and include moisture – ideal for dry skin!

You are still not relaxed after the feel-good bath?

Treat yourself to a foot massage– With your fingertips, massage the bottom of your feet. Then, with the palm of your hand slightly apply pressure from the heal to toes. At the end, massage each toe separately- this makes a wonderful massage!

Take 15 minutes to enjoy a neck massage – Apply a few drops of aromatic oil to both sides of your neck and massage your neck with small circular movements alongside your hairline. Make sure to properly breathe. With neck massagers you can effortlessly massage your neck, as well as other parts of the body. For deep relaxation, choose a massager with heat.

Turn off your smartphone and computer and enjoy relaxing music. Try to be offline for 24 hours on your spa day. No matter how hard you think you are missing out on something, disconnecting will only be beneficial. If you have more tips on how to turn your home into a wellness paradise, we look forward to hearing from you!

Change your habits and life successfully with these 5 steps!

Change your habits and life successfully with these 5 steps! The desire for change is repressed by many due to fear of change. The thought of it and unknown overcomes desire to actually tackle this challenge. Do you know people who would like to change everything?- Different workplace, happier relationship, more exercise, more free time, their attitude, etc. However, despite all the discontent, most individuals do not want to reform their everyday lives because they get accustomed and comfortable with the routine, and then avoid anything new and unfamiliar.

We will show you how to give your life a new direction and how to overcome these obstacles. Warning! This article can change your life. Read it only if you are ready to become happier.

Dissatisfaction is like a domino effect

The more you persist in your dissatisfaction, the more you will get used to it. You may get used to it to the extent that you give up on making any changes, simply because it is easier and more comfortable. At first, it may just be the job that makes you dissatisfied.

Stress and exhaustion every night after work may start to affect your relationships, family relations, hobbies and health. All these aspects of your life may slowly deteriorate. In order for you not to lose control over everything, you should change the areas of your life that make you unhappy.

Why are changes so difficult for you?

Few individuals really care about their lives when they become unhappy. There are two main reasons for this: habit and fear. The habit represents something very comfortable and does not require any effort- you eventually enter the comfort zone. This can be exhausting and one may wonder if the reward could be beneficial and worth it.

Discontent in such state is not enough to make you stop with habits and overcome fears. Only when suffering becomes unbearable physically and psychologically, you really become ready for a change. Discontent only will not put you in action; on the contrary, you will probably fall into lethargy.

It’s up to you to wait for the pain to force your change, or you can follow these steps to change your life NOW!

Five steps towards the change in life

The process is always similar. You may use our advice anytime, whether it is a minor or a major change.

1. Self-awareness is the first step

First of all, you must recognize which areas of life you are dissatisfied with. Try to avoid negative attitude towards work, your colleagues, relationship, or your friends. Be proactive towards your goal; do not wait for others to make changes for you. Take responsibility for yourself and make the initial step towards the change.

2. What to do?

It’s good that you have taken the initial step towards desired change. If you already know what makes you happy and what does not, that should be enough for the beginning. Think about the life that you wish to live, about habits that you want to change, or new profession that you might want to pursue. Set the destination and then do the rest.

3. Different mental motivation

Understand why you want to change your life; don’t just focus on the steps that you have to take to achieve this goal. Find internal motivation. Find incentives which will push you further to reach your goals and achieve the change. You may find mental imagery helpful and useful. For instance, close your eyes and think about the subject you wish to change.

Imagine what will happen if you don’t change anything. What will your life look like in 10 years? Do you feel the pressure as you imagine your life in 10 years? Now, imagine what your life will look like if you started the change now. Imagine intensely, figuratively and emotionally, as the changes were already happening. Do you feel better?

This mental exercise is better if you do it regularly. It only takes a few minutes, but there will be a significantly positive impact on your change process.

4. Small steps – great success

Until this step, you should already know what you want to change and why it is so important to you. Overly ambitious goals, which you want to achieve as soon as possible, can only lead to frustration. Self-doubt and feelings of inferiority will be the ultimate result. The proverb says: “The Power of Patience” for a reason.

Therefore, only consider one area of life that you want to change. Then take a small step towards the goal: divide the big goal into the smallest steps possible, which you may achieve on a daily base. Keep a monthly plan with daily goals. Specify every day what you can do today and tomorrow to get a little closer to your goal. After a month, you can enlarge the steps or try to achieve the second goal.

5. The before-and-after comparison

In the beginning, write down your goals and steps. For instance, “I’m too shy to invite someone out for dinner. I will ask him/her what his/her favourite dish is and then will ask the question ‘’ Write down this goal, and plan the steps that you can take to achieve the goal.

Then, take a look at your notes in a month. Perhaps you have not yet invited the person to dinner, but with asking the question about the favourite dish, you are already a little closer to the date. It’s already an accomplished change that you can be proud of!

Here are the steps briefly summarised:

1. Be aware of aspects of life that make you unsatisfied and what you want to change.

2. Think about the goal you want to achieve.

3. Imagine your life, what it will look like, if you do not change it. Then, imagine how you will feel after the desired change.

4. Change your life gradually.

5. Regularly contrast and compare goals where you have started and what you have accomplished

If you have any tips and suggestions on this topic, share them with us!

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Summer Detox – Fresh start with the new wellness routine!

Summer Detox is perfect for those who have not managed to devote enough time to their physical and mental health this year. The new year is already half over, and you realized that you have not kept with your New Year’s resolutions? You don’t have to feel guilty, because summer is the perfect time to start fresh.

Sunny weather, which provides us with the happiness hormone vitamin D, helps you to tackle the problem with fun and ease.

These tips for your detox programme will help you revamp your wellness routine and enjoy the summer with even more energy and vibrancy.

Delicious smoothie to start your day

Try to replace sugary products, like cereal, with a healthy fruit smoothie. Fill your mixer, for example with bananas. They are especially rich in potassium and other vital minerals like magnesium and phosphorus. You can add pineapple, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and other ingredients (such as sugar-free yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds and nuts). This will give you a real energy boost to help you handle your daily to-do list. Better make your own smoothie instead of buying a pre-made one in the store. Those are usually real sugar bombs.

Drinking enough water is very important

Especially when the temperature rises, it is extremely important to drink enough water. Often, we forget the importance of regular hydration. To start the detoxification process, drink a glass of lukewarm water with a dash of lemon immediately after getting up. Try to avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks as much as you can. Instead, drink water or homemade, sugar-free iced tea instead. You can also add fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers or pineapples to your water, for extra flavour.

Say NO to sugar

Research has shown that this sinfully sweet food supplement is not good for our health. To make your summer detox really successful, you should completely remove sugar from your diet. Avoid sweet desserts; instead choose fruit. If the fatigue in the afternoon hits you with full force, eat a banana, which will ultimately provide you with enough energy and natural sugar for dinner.

Daily routine

We all know that physical activity is important. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many to combine regular exercise with everyday life. Therefore, try to find convenient ways to still implement regular exercise into your everyday life. A short walk during lunch break, running after kids in the park, going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and just spontaneous 20 push ups or squats in your living room are enough to get a bit of exercise.

Insufficient sleep increases your appetite

Can you still find enough time for a restful sleep in a world that never seems to sleep? Even if it seems impossible, you should at least try it. During sleep, the brain clears out toxins and strengthens memory to be capable of peak performance the next day.

It is now known that during sleep, between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am, enzymes that stimulate the body’s self-healing process are produced. Too little sleep also often leads to food cravings, in which cases you often reach for chips, chocolate and other unhealthy food, that will quickly energize your body. Seven to eight hours of restful sleep help you to reduce the daily stress, fight depression and lose weight.

Find time for yourself

You cannot take care of your body unless you take care of your mind. Relaxing and spending time together with friends and family are important aspects to relieve stress and make your detox successful. Some people find regular massages helpful and relaxing.

Using a neck massager with heat is a great way to help lower your stress levels. Healthy diet and exercise are just as important for a successful detox of the body as having enough time to recover. Remember: when body and mind are in harmony, you get the best results, and that applies to all areas of life.

You are welcome to complete our blog by leaving a few helpful tips on summer detox in the comments section!

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Shiatsu back massager Krafty- tapping and shiatsu massage with infrared heat

Shiatsu back massager Krafty- tapping and shiatsu massage with infrared heat – an ideal massager to provide you with soothing and relaxing full body massage anytime and anywhere. Krafty is designed to help you release tension through infrared heat and massage movements that mimic a real hand massage.The daily use of the shiatsu back massager may relieve your back pain and help you get rid of accumulated stress.

8 shiatsu and 2 tapping massage nodes ensure an effective massage. Furthermore, the combination of tapping and shiatsu massage ensures a perfect massage experience. Moreover, the effect of infrared heat enhances quicker muscle relaxation and increases overall well-being. As a result, you can feel a relaxing effect of the deep infrared heat already after the first use.

Why tapping and shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage does not only have a positive effect on the body through gentle touch and light pressure, but it can also relieve mental tension and stimulate the energy flow throughout your body. On the other hand, the pleasant and penetrating tapping massage relaxes your muscles. By “tapping” certain points on the body, energy blockages can be loosened up, which ultimately leads to stress relief. After tapping and shiatsu massage, you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Back massager allows you to enjoy massage and you can do it all by yourself, at home or while travelling. Choose the body area you wish to massage, and add optional infrared heat function if you wish. You can also choose the intensity of the massage. Tapping and shiatsu back massager is suitable for full body massage– ideal for the neck, back, legs, belly, feet and arms.

Enjoy massages with Krafty at home

Massages relieve discomfort and also provide you with relaxing and enjoyable experience. Shiatsu back massager Krafty with infrared heat includes many advantages and is a helpful supplement to your everyday relaxation. With Donnerberg back massager you can enjoy massages at home or on the go, which will be beneficial for your physical and emotional health.

The pressure of the massage is determined by your own body weight. The more you lean your body against the massager, the more intense the massage becomes. In addition to the neck and back, this massager can be used to massage other body parts, such as arms and legs. On top of that, our back massager is practical and portable. Thus, besides using it only at home, you can also take it to your office.

Shiatsu back massager benefits

Back massager with infrared heat function has rotating massage nodes, which provide a pleasant pressure on the skin, simulating the sensation of real hand massage. Additionally, infrared heat enhances back massager benefits, which ultimately may help you relieve back pain if you have pain complaints, or will simply provide you with a pleasurable massage.

Shiatsu back massager main advantages:

(1) easy to use at home;

(2) suitable for traveling, at work and in the car (as a passenger);

(3) adaptable to different body parts;

(4) tapping and shiatsu massage in one device;

(5) muscle relaxation through infrared heat;

(6) suitable for relaxation;

(7) no need for physiotherapists or masseuse.

Convenient and effective

Back massager’s small size provides flexibility, which is especially important for individuals who wish to relax at home, when away from home or even during breaks at work.

What’s more, infrared heat function can help you relieve your back-pain complaints. Back massager Krafty represents a practical alternative for individuals who do not have much time to visit spas and massage centers.

If you would like to enjoy a massage at any time, you can order the back massager Krafty + infrared heat function on our website.

Neck massager with Samsung rechargeable battery on the go!

Neck massager with Samsung rechargeable battery on the go! Do you spend long hours sitting at your work desk? Do you suffer from muscle pain due to improper posture? If you wish to relax and relieve muscle pain, don’t look any further, as Donnerberg has made daily massage for muscle tension and aches available for you on the go. The original neck massager with built-in Samsung rechargeable battery will help you alleviate these symptoms. Our bestseller Premium NM-089 neck massager has now been equipped with a durable and powerful rechargeable Samsung battery. The result is our new product – the neck massager with rechargeable battery.

Ergonomic and U-shaped neck massager gives you flexibility to enjoy massage while sitting down and relaxing, without having to connect the massager to a socket. Lean back for 15 minutes and simply enjoy the massage. You may relax your tense and stiff muscles with vibration and shiatsu massage functions. Worth mentioning, the neck massager is quiet, so you can even use neck massager in the office without disturbing your colleagues.

Vibrating and shiatsu massager with infrared heat

Shiatsu Massage with the eight shiatsu massage nodes, and the infrared heat function penetrates deep into the muscles and directly targets your painful spots. Massage nodes designed to provide you with a pleasurable massage. Neck massager with Samsung rechargeable battery provides you with an effective massage – you can control the massage intensity by pulling down the arm straps less or more, as preferred. Neck massager is ideal for full body massage, and is designed for easy self-massage.

Another advantage of our neck massager with Samsung battery is the dual intensity infrared heat, which ensures better blood circulation and deep relaxation. The main benefit of infrared heat is to penetrate directly into the lower skin areas to lead to relaxation of the muscles. With the vibration function, the skin is mainly stimulated by vibration of the tissue, which furthermore promotes circulation.

Massager with Samsung rechargeable battery – while traveling and on vacation

You can even take the neck massager with you on vacation! Regardless of your trip destination, thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can now quickly and easily use the device wherever you are. It can help you relax during your long journey: with specially designed massage heads, you can improve your circulation, and relax your muscles during long and exhausting trips. You will arrive so much more relaxed at your destination.

The Samsung battery gives you the option of a cordless neck massager, which is convenient, especially when on vacation.

Neck massager with Samsung rechargeable battery will be your personal masseuse! Imagine lying under the palm tree on the beach with your favourite drink in your hand, relaxing in the sun, while enjoying relaxing and soothing massage. Donnerberg is ideal companion during vacations.

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Vacation planning: easy and helpful tips to avoid stress!

Vacation planning: easy and helpful tips to avoid stress! Summer is approaching and you are probably dreaming about your upcoming vacation. Searching for hotels, transportation, and packing can make vacation planning become a tedious task. Your vacation should be the time when you rest and recover. Nevertheless, majority of us are exposed to stress prior to vacation. Often, the reason for this is poor organization. In order to be able to enjoy your time off to the fullest, alone or accompanied by family or friends, you need something more than just a packed suitcase. We offer you several tips that will make preparation for vacation easier!

Start searching early

One of the problems that many people have when planning their vacation is that they do not have enough time to prepare and plan. Make sure to give yourself at least a month or two in advance, instead of planning it the last minute. Extra time gives you the opportunity to choose the best and cheapest transportation and accommodation. Late planning often leaves you with fewer options and higher prices, so give yourself enough time.

Packing checklist

Whether you have decided for beach or mountain to be your vacation destination, and whether it is a short or a long trip, it is always important to have your suitcase ready and packed. Forgetting some items and realizing that only when you need them on vacation can bother you and provoke extra stress. Don’t forget all your essentials with the help of this useful online checklist.

Inform your job about your vacation on time

Going on vacation means that you don’t have to think about work! So, make sure that you have everything organised prior to leaving. Don’t forget that you must inform your colleagues by e-mail about your vacation, and let them know who your replacement will be during this time. Your colleague who will serve as your replacement should be familiar with all your tasks and obligations that he or she may have to handle while you are away. Finally, organise your to-do list so you don’t leave any work for last minute. Not only that this will create extra stress and pressure to finish everything on time, but you might forget to complete some tasks when in a hurry.

Vacation planning-Important documents!

Travel documents – your passport must be valid if you are traveling outside of the country. Inform yourself as soon as possible about the entry and insurance conditions of the destination country. For countries such as the United States, you must also apply for a visa prior to traveling. To arrange visa application, you will need your valid passport and a credit card to pay the appointment fee.

Plan activities!

Research the activities and interesting places that you can visit! Being a tourist in a different city or country is extremely fun, so don’t miss the opportunity due to lack of organization! A lot of attractions, such as museums, art galleries, and amusement parks offer options to purchase online tickets prior to visiting. Prebook your tickets and visit all of the beautiful places. Don’t forget about sightseeing and the opportunity to get familiar with your vacation destination!

Relaxation time! Disconnect during vacation

Your smartphone can also provide a lot of tension during vacation. Whether a business call or a private conversation with friends and family, we advise you to turn off your smartphone. Vacation should be a time of relaxation and recreation. Leave your everyday life behind and allow yourself to enjoy new experiences. For a complete relaxation, enjoy wellness and massage during your vacation.

What are your tricks for a stress-free vacation planning? Share with us!

Read about additional tips on stress-free preparations on this link.

Allergies- Useful tips to recognise and treat pollen allergy

The human immune system sometimes responds hyper sensitively, and allergies can be the result of this organism sensitivity. Allergies are not uncommon in children nor adolescents; they can continuously occur throughout one’s life.

Symptoms of pollen allergy

Ordinary activities, even just taking a walk in a park, can represent a challenge for individuals with allergies. The body reacts defensively to pollen, and provokes allergic reactions such as itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, and fever.

In the most extreme cases, some individuals may even experience an allergic shock, which can lead to respiratory and circulatory arrest. However, one may not recognise these symptoms as the symptoms of allergy; sometimes, one may suspect that these symptoms are the result of a cold. However, fatigue, headaches, and irritability can also occur as the result of allergies.

The pollen allergy, which manifests itself primarily through sinus pressure, itchy eyes, and runny nose, is one of the most widespread types of allergies. The immune system falsely perceives pollen as a danger and releases antibodies to fight it. Pollen releases chemicals into the blood, such as histamines, and these may cause cold-like symptoms.


Allergy test

Your physician may recommend you to do an allergy test, in which the allergist will conduct a skin test in order to evaluate whether you might have an allergy or not. During the allergy scratch testing, the allergist will expose your skin to allergy substances (allergens), and will observe the skin reaction for any signs of allergic reaction. Your skin will get slightly swollen and red if you are allergic to a certain allergen.

Depending on the strength and nature of the allergy, the following medications can alleviate the symptoms: antihistamines, decongestants, nasal spray attenuators, steroid nasal sprays, and/or eye drops. Even if you can get the drugs without a prescription, we advise you to talk to your doctor first, in order to make sure you choose the right medication. There is also immunotherapy, in which you gradually get smaller doses of the allergen to gradually strengthen your immune system.


Helpful tips for fighting against hay fever

1. Stay inside as much as possible during increased levels of pollen concentration in the air

2. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from pollen irritation

3. If you wish to avoid the highest levels of pollen in the city, avoid spending time outside in the evenings. On the other hand, countryside features high level of pollen in the mornings.

4. Once you arrive home, change your clothes and wash your hair before going to bed. Simple tricks such as these will keep the pollen concentration inside your home to the minimum.

5. Travel to low allergen areas – islands, mountains and the seaside.

6. Turn off the ventilation while driving and keep the window closed so that pollen does not get inside the car; pollen filter installed inside your car is a great solution to minimize pollen concentration

7. Vacuum cleaners with special particulate filters are beneficial in fighting against pollen. Remember to replace the filter bag every two weeks.

8. The pollen concentration appears to be especially high on breezy days. On the other hand, rain tends to decrease the concentration of the allergens. Take advantage to enjoy post rain walks and avoid pollen.

The bottom line is: allergies are difficult to deal with, but tips from above and medication (recommended by your doctor) might help you against allergies ( Do not forget to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

More information about allergies can be found at the allergy information service, please click here:

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