Brexit is claimed to have a significant impact on the retailer and consumer sector. There are challenges ahead for those who sell and purchase online, as the UK is awaiting to exit the EU. However, it isn’t all negative. On the 24th December the UK agreed on the terms of its future partnership with the European Union after intense negotiations.

In this article find out what online retailers can expect to face in the forthcoming months, as well as some guidelines for consumers and online shopping.

What will Brexit bring to retailers?


The UK will not leave the EU single market and customs union under the guidelines of the World Trade Organization. This means that from 1 January, there will be no additional charges for products (tariffs) or restrictions on the amount that can be exchanged (quotas) between the UK and the EU. However, border control will carry additional checks, so companies which depend on the transport of goods to and from the EU will need to get ready. They will have to be fill out customs documents as Great Britain wants to follow its own trade policy rather than enter into a customs union with the EU.


What will Brexit bring to consumers?


On 31 December, Brexit is coming and it will have an influence on your rights as a consumer when shopping from an EU based website. Here are some tips when buying products in online shops:

  • You should buy from reliable and trustworthy sellers. This means doing some research beforehand by checking the retailer’s social media and reviews pages.
  • Moreover, check that the website is secure. It is advisable to check the website’s terms and conditions to make sure that you can replace or return the product if necessary.
  • Additionally, if you are purchasing items from an EU based store check details regarding any additional VAT or customs charges.



Customer satisfaction in times of uncertainty

Looking on the bright side, e-commerce has been thriving in the recent years as consumers  increasingly prefer online shopping and make fewer trips to shops. More than ever our company is aware that this trend requires an even more customer-centric approach. We are doing our best to face new challenges and continue to deliver high quality customer service. If you have any questions related to product placement, parcel deliveries or refund, our customer service will be happy to assist you.


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