Black Friday – Christmas shopping made easy

What is your first thought when you hear the words Black Friday? – Shop till you drop. It’s raining discounts everywhere. We are literally enticed with Black Friday ads. So, what do we do? – Go shopping – of course. This tradition originates from the USA and has spread to Europe in recent years. It is the first Friday following Thanksgiving, the fourth Friday in November. This year it falls on 27th November. On this day, the Christmas shopping season unofficially starts. It’s swarming with special deals. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Black Friday in Germany

It is no different in Germany. The term was firstly used in Germany in 2013. By 2017, more than 80% of all Germans had heard about this day and nowadays almost everyone knows what this term means. In contrast to the USA, most discounts in Germany are offered online instead of in local shops. While in the USA the night before Black Friday people would wait in lines in front of the shops, Germans would sit in the comfort of their own homes in front of their computers. Those who prefer to shop in person are likely to find the right offers in the shops without worrying of being trampled over.

We associate the term exclusively with special offers, discounts and shopping. But where does the term actually come from?

Why is it called Black Friday?

Even though it is not completely clear where the term comes from, there are several theories about its origin. Here are the most common ones:


·        Stock market crash in 1929

The term was coined in the financial sector and refers to the biggest stock market crash in history. It took place on October 24, 1929 in New York. October 24th was Thursday, but due to the time difference, the stock market crash in Europe fell on the next day and thus became “Black Friday”. This day doesn’t have much to do with the well-known Black Friday packed with special deals and heavy discounts.

·        Retailers are getting out of the red

Another theory is based on the belief that on the day after Thanksgiving, retailers were making sales so large that they went from red to black and actually made profit. This theory is also just an idea of how the term was derived, and it is probably just that – an idea.

·        Philadelphia 1966

The most common and probable theory behind the name takes us back to the American city of Philadelphia in 1966. On the Friday following Thanksgiving the term was for the first time used to refer to shopping. The police used the words “Black Friday” to describe the chaos that prevailed on the streets of the city that day. As so many people had a day off, they used it to do their Christmas shopping. The traditional football match on the following Saturday only contributed to the chaos. Both events caused heavy traffic congestion on the streets and afterwards the police officers, who had to work overtime, called this day “Black Friday”. Over the years this term has spread, firstly to the USA and then all over the world. Nowadays it is a synonym for bargains.

To sum up

Regardless of where the term comes from, this day is a great opportunity to shop for bargains in the comfort of your home. Especially these days when we are thinking about our health and have to be responsible and respect social distancing. Special offers are now not only valid for 24 hours, but for up to a week. This is also the case with most retailer shops this year – there is a Black offer week! So what could be better than buying your Christmas presents online and avoiding all the stress shopping? Christmas shopping without the hustle and bustle, which is not that bad. Add a glass of wine and a massage to the atmosphere and you get pure perfection!




What do you think about Black Friday deals ? Leave your comment.



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