5 ways to welcome New Year


It’s great pleasure to travel and there is no better way to get acquainted with other cultures and customs and try different type of food. Since Christmas is most often enjoyed in the family environment, for New Year’s Eve, it is increasingly popular to travel to another country. Those who live in the south are exploring the north to enjoy winters in the mountain, and people from north are looking to enjoy the New Year’s Eve on a beach with a cocktail in a hand. The travel scenario is ideal but what if you do not have the opportunity to pack your suitcases and travel? We have few suggestions for you how can you enter New Year relaxing and stress free.

  1. Celebrate all over the world from your home – It is 21st century and (almost) everything is possible, in a technology sense. You do not have to leave the apartment / house at all in order to be in the worlds capital cities. You can watch on your TV or laptop live broadcasts from all major cities in Europe and even the world. If you have children and you are planning to spend a night with family, this will be the ideal way for kids, and you, to learn something about other countries and experience different cultures and their customs.

Website where you can watch how New Year’s Eve runs out in New York and other exciting places around the world is http://www.earthcam.com/newyears/

Don’t forget to prepare some snacks and enjoy a nigh on a comfortable sofa in front of the screen.


2. Thematic party with friends (with or without children) – themed parties are popular. Maybe you could organize something different, perhaps winter barbeque. Camp fire and marshmallow on a stick, mulled wine … If there are those who like to sing karaoke than this is the ideal time. For an occasion such as the New Year’s Eve, a party with the theme “The Great Gatsby” would be a glamorous way to welcome midnight. Potluck dinner party is also one of the popular ways to make fun – each of the invited guests has to bring a homemade meal, and thus everyone contributes to a dinner meal.

3. City centre-square – if you are not feeling to stay at home why would you not explore what your city has to offer on New Year’s Eve. You can do research online, and then choose something that would appeal to you. There are often musical concerts in the city centre squares or other programmes for people of all ages and for everyone’s taste.  Midnight will definitely be reserved for grand fireworks.

4. For single people – if you are celebrating New Year’s Eve on your own it does not necessarily mean you cannot have a good evening. Warm bath infused with aromatherapy oil, candles and light music, dinner and glass of wine … in one word, indulge yourself one night because we do not have often opportunity to devote time for ourselves.

  1. Bar Hopping – You can do this yourself or in the company of one or more friends. Create a list of favourite bars or some of the ones you have not yet had a chance to visit. To reach the best bar/pub by midnight, start at least four hours before the clock turns 12. Before you start your journey don’t forget to check if for any of the bars you would like to visit booking is needed so you do not get disappointed if you can’t get in.

If you love New Year’s Eve celebrations there is no wrong way to celebrate it. Most important is to enjoy the night without stress.

What do you think about our celebratory propositions, is there anything you would like to suggest_ How are you planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Donnerberg wish you a happy and successful New Year 2018!



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