Boost your Immunity this Winter: 5 Ways to Re-energize

The cold days in the autumn and winter months can make you feel sluggish, tired and lacking in energy. Bacteria and virus activity increase in winter, which cause colds, loss of energy, mental and physical fatigue, loss of concentration. That is why it is necessary to focus on your body’s defense and do what it takes to boost your immunity this winter. First of all, we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, because bad habits lead the body to tiredness and exhaustion. Experts recommend eight hours of sleep, regular physical activity, spending time in nature, hydration, relaxing activities, etc.

Here are some simple suggestions to strengthen the immune system and improve general well-being:

1. Healthy nutrition is the basis for good immunity

Monotonous nutrition could slow down your metabolism, as well as accumulate toxins that over time become too much of a burden on the immune system. A healthy and balanced diet is an effective solution – spinach, pumpkin, carrots and cabbage are high in beta carotene, which strengthens the immune system. Zinc is also an important trace element essential for the creation of antibodies and can be found in cereals, salmon, chicken and seafood. If needed, you can take vitamin and mineral supplements. Having regular meals rich in nutrients can go a long way towards helping you prevent the cold and flu. At the same time, if you add immunity-boosting vitamins to your diet, such as vitamin C and B6, , your body will successfully fight disease-causing agents.

2. Exercise is essential to overall well-being

neck and back massagerModerate physical activity is essential for maintaining good health. Choose the activity that relaxes you most –swimming, light jogging, walking. Even the simple morning exercises are great to help boost your immunity this winter When it comes to exercise, it has proven to be one of the ways to eliminate accumulated toxins through sweat, but also to get rid of toxic thoughts and stress. Regular exercise can improve your mood, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Moreover, physical exercise increases the production of endorphins, which are known as the “feel-good” hormones.
Also, massage can help you release tension in your muscles, get rid of accumulated stress in your neck, back, lower back, thighs, feet. Invest in your health: enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home with our neck and back massager.


3. Avoid stressful situations

Chronic stress is seen in consistently high levels of cortisol in the blood. People who are exposed to chronic stress gradually begin to experience symptoms such as anxiety and sleep disturbances. The impact of influenza on the immune system can be twofold: increased presence of chronic inflammatory conditions and weakened immune response to external agents. The stress we feel can suppress your immune system, while pleasant experiences improve immunity. Life is filled with events that are beyond our control. However, we can choose how we react – it is very important how we will perceive and respond to life challenges. You will be much happier, healthier and more successful if you adopt a positive mindset rather than a pessimistic one.

4. Joy is in the little things

Simplicity is a real luxury these days. Choose your favorite hobby: reading relaxing literature, meditating, watching movies, spending time with loved ones.  People who engage in activities they love feel relaxed, less angry and in a good mood. They are also more creative, find solutions to different types of problems faster, and generally have a more positive view of the world. If you think about it, that’s enough reasons not to stop yourself from doing what you enjoy and occasionally invest in hobbies, but also to inspire your loved ones to take up a hobby they’ll love.

5. Restful sleep – the key to good health

a child sleepingSleep is essential to your health and there is no doubt that the claims of experts are true when they say that it is really necessary to spend seven to nine hours in bed in order to be able to carry out all daily activities the next day. Lack of sleep can cause nervousness, depression, cardiovascular disease, headaches, allergies, loss of muscle mass, decreased appetite.  All these are factors which can disturb the overall balance of the organism. Therefore, it is important to give the body enough time to rest and regenerate. A restful sleep begins with the Donnerberg memory foam pillow .

Do you have any suggestions to boost your immunity this winter? Share your impressions with us!





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